15 - Hymn To The Sea - Titanic Soundtrack - YouTube

This is the fifteenth and final track from the Titanic soundtrack composed by James Horner.No copyright infringement intended.

Ruth Montesa

I was actually surprised he caught the egg

Danny Collins

And Cory get better at tricks I'm just playing you're one of the best is my best friend's name Corey

Shaw Universe

Man the ice is so detailed

Devendra Nair

Super dude perfect

TheBoss 4107

Anyone from 2019?

Hugo Alegre

missed the unicorn and chupacabra in undead nightmare

Queen_ Dee

Watching this while watching the basketball game

Gacha Buggylyn

"At 10 years old I couldnt under stand this" me clearly 10 ph paralyzed when a part of your will not be able to move you can be paralyzed in many places when you hear paralyzed you think of not being able to move your uper/lower body

Emely Pinonvalerio

Should cody keep the beard

Spencer Kriner

Wait how many of these are actually bloopers plus why does panda have to go through so much

EpicDisasterFF RBLX

Did it say Great Effort instead of Normandy when Guru was showing the Plants VS Zombies Garden Warfare easter egg about the ship of Mass Effect?

Ezgi Mesut

Thats actually good

Well actually its pretty solid

Tyler Mitsko

What is the identity of the real panda bear

(When you think of me, you think of the best)

Freddie Keep

a starbucks aint cheap

cún con channel




Cosmic Salmon


Shawn Torres

Hey?!?!?! Coby DID win a challenge!!!!!


I like how you placed photo of Harrison Ford near skeleton.

Saiyan MGTOW

I got caught in the mix..

Merc Ury


help no name

90% of comments:


me, eating chips on my bed being lazy: yes i can relate to this story

Cesar Mendez

Dude, i love the witcher. Glad you made a video on it.


Maybe unrelated, but the games go Modern warfare, modern warfare 2, black ops, modern warfare 3, then black ops 2, making it the 5th game in the series.

Derp Derples

i really dont get that first one at all lol

dj oviedo

i think the count is 24

Camella Scots

This is what my mom's childhood was like and she had bipolar disorder. She had to take this special medicine, so I could be born. Earlier, she did not want to have a baby, since she didn't want it going through such a bad childhood as she did. But, she decided she would do everything she could to make my childhood normal. My mother became sick with severe bipolar disorder and randomly left one day when I was in 2nd grade. She sent me notes saying nonsense that wasn't accurate. It came to the point where I feared her because of her continuous manic cycles. Many people say bipolar is just, "extreme mood swings." But it's not. It's much more. My mom had frequent hallucinations and it was basically like she was living in a nightmare where nothing made since. Don't know why I am talking about this on a video about a baby being born too early, I just felt like sharing this.

Cambrea Coleman

love this story

David Helme

Id be a pet goldfish. I would be gettingfed witout a care in the world

Aleksie Garolacan

The Carlin Brothers were RIGHT with their theories on this film!! 😎😎😎


Square Enix: Avengers Game!


what if I told you guys that this is photoshopped?would you think twice about this video being real?


Jesus, this breaks my heart.

Alen Kiu

this looks like a poor effort. they should have remake this from ground up


Yay my country 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷


Haha, that unicorn is so cute! :D


5:09 Sweet home ALABAMA

Leila Petrovic

That wasn't a tipple, that was a quadra.

The Black Hulk

1:28 look at the wall on the left it looks like its saying funA | thguru

Maxwell Whyte

Grayson: Peace , Ethan: Peace , Emma: peas 27:01


Now being homeless is an epic victory royale

Jovita Stack1203

You can speak bahasa

Amy Rose

i miss ethmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Kate Higgins


Potato Moose

Thats cute.

Gary Samples

Poor ty