Abandoned 60s Otises (ep2) - Will it start? - YouTube

This video is a bit different as I talk in it rather than doing a voice over.I wanted to see how the video would come out.I hate the sound of my voice, I always sound stupid speaking to camera.

Michelle Soleil

He's full of shit and his singing suckooooooo I'm drunk

James1200 12

when did they do lax


Crossbow in real life:300 mt/ftCrossbow in PUBG:20cm/ft

Esther Bernstein


Moonii Playz Gacha

I’m not afraid of death, I just want it to feel like going into a deep sleep.

Save The Enviorment

Cody used The red power ranger'advice

jack matt

Savage squad panda is not a real panda

Ragnorok Aquino

bring petey the bird back


Perfect dark was a helluva game

Bob Bob

My name is Curry

Jk Rowling: creates a 15 billion dollar book series

Jia Drisdom

Sometimes a dog can save your life. I think some research shows people who have pets have longer life spans. My ex-boyfriend gave him to me when I was a agoraphobic. I was so pissed that he would do such a thing considering I haven't left my home for over 2 years But, quite like the girl in the story, I resented him at first. We have one really bad night and I yelled so loud that he had diarrhea. I called him over to me, and I promised iwould never yell at him again. Form that point forward we were inseparable. He helped me with my anxiety, and I felt proud of myself for taking care of Dexter. He is the love of my sadly, he was killedbat the age of 12. He had a rare diseasev where has esophagus lost it's muscle oh, so I had to feed him soft food, and then stand him up for 10 to 15 minutes so the foodv would get in his system. It was my time to care for him. I have his ashes is a safe place in a nice wooden box with his name on it it's in my nightstand, and when I still depressed, I look at it, and thank him everyday for making me a normal person. There will never be another dog like Dexter used but I have a little puppy named Trixie , (well, she's nine but she still looks like a puppy), and she and I are best friends. I was thinking about getting another job that would help me get over the grief of losing Trixie, but since she is not important health, I would hate for her to not have as much attention as I have to give to the new puppy. Does anyone have any advice for me? Should I get a new dog, or should I wait? I've been thinking about this a lot, but I'm afraid for Trixie as I am her "person.". I really hope someone sees this'l comment, and they be a help to me. What sucks is my dog died 12 years to the day I got him. I have never been more depressed in all my life. Trixie was depressed too, and she stayed close to me no matter where I was going. I take her everywhere I can. I love her so much. By the way, these are all dachshunds.


Plot twist:

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Newton would be so proud of you guys xD


I bet it took him ages just to get the first trick in the beginning of the video

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Nintendo can you please bring it on Wii U because my mom would not buy me a Nintendo switch and I’m a huge Zelda fan

Mostly because my disorder has been teased about as well.

I think that nights feel better than the days,

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4:24 who else noticed Garrett finally was able to complete the "and to finish her off" like if you see it😂

D a i t h i

How do you find these! ?

Me: Huh? thanks... Girl: “Without cloths?”

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My mom had one of those and they told her if she doesn’t become pregnant in 9 months, she wouldn’t have had a baby. 1 year and 4 months later, she become pregnant and I was born.

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2:45 Hahaha Lebron

unknown derp dude

Hah! LOL its funny when you dance


With the Luxo ball is the lamp from the short film called Luxo Jr (also shown in the main Pixar logo)

randy 12.0


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That cashier was probably freaking out after that high five from Kuzma!!!

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1 like = 1 pray for COBY!

(Sorry about my English... I don't speak very well )

Couldn’t really help cuz I was in the middle of the pool I breathed by “diving” (I just curled up to a ball) and then launch to the surface by jumping off the floor of the pool then I slowly but surely waddled my way to the stairs again. Hey but at least I learned to swim out of the 3 or 4 experiences I had :)

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Kanye and Cudi 🙌🏻🙌🏻

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i like how the farting sound continues even when video is gone and there are them texts at the end... :)

the fish

Tom brady

Aarav Choudhary

The name of the final cat is camera


Hola alguien me puede decir que es lo que siempre dicen al final de sus vídeo? Gracias 😀

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Lacrosse right

King Kim

rudy is always with something different and amazing!!!


Lol that lady is the one in that video with lebron 😂😂😂 she was mocking him. She was the one who did the cry baby face and he looked back and seen her he was like tf lmao


The people at the beach must of been like WTF



roflsyrup j

fist me


I love how they always use the rage monster in every video

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I bet one of those guys is the panda

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Can u please do (more) south park alien hunting or just normal easter eggs on the series? Because I'm a big fun of u and the show. Responding to my comment would be AWESOME!


Or you could adopt. 😑


I want more