A surprise performance of Ravel's Bolero stuns shoppers! - YouTube

The fabulous Orchestra of Opera North appear from various corners of Trinity Leeds (UK) to perform a rip-roaring version of Ravel's famous Bolero, to the surprise of shoppers.


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Seth Props

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Bradley Bieniasz

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thechillgamer 15

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Artistic Shaunak

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Sportz N Skitz

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Will Harms

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Petr Boii

My favorite trick shot was the last one when the grenade blew up the box. EPIC!!!

Marinelle Miranda

Even before stepping on that stage, he earned the gold. Dude, his backstory is inspirational, genuine.

Sir Ireland

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tope yarte

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Intense_ fearlife

WOAH THATS SHIT DEEP AF Theme: I believe in myself

Jbanksey 22

1:45 the wind was brutal on that goal post

Tj J

Dying Light is not like the preview and commercials at all...a little duller looks like far cry zombie mode also but it's still great 

Ariel B

11 shirts, turning 11, 11 min