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nivedha ramadoss

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I've experienced 9/9 and have been for over 2 years. It's sad that since I am 13 people think I am just over reacting , telling me my life is perfect but in reality they don't know my traumatizing past

1th trending USA

Bee Gamer

Rip court

Austin Graham

thats fake

Neo P.

Her: I fell in love when I was three


I'm guessing your watching this on a mobile device because I saw that immediately after I posted the video which is why I put in an annotation to try and correct it.

Dillskill 72

Let cont win once

Gabriel Tolosa

Lil skies🔥🔥

The great DOG and CAT

Wheres Garret?🐶

Wolf Geographics

Your awsome

Randomness Gamer

Most of all *he was white*

Naz Asraf

i love the rage monster

Sekou Sidbury

Lebron loves holding hands

Septic Pewdz

When your imaginary friend gets on your nerves


I am only scared of death cause i dont know what it feels like, also when i die i dont want it to be pitch black.

Muba Shir

Love coby

Marie Jsh

This week, i started with 58,7kg.. Know, on a Friday, I am like 54,7kg and I am happier and feel much better

glowwy 54

It's always the PE teacher... for real

angel boy nonsense

This guys will talented


Was expecting FFX blitzball >_>


The third one was creepy as hell

kallol nayak

I will never understand this shit

Now: Orrrrrr because you we’re happy that Catherine met JL (Jennifer Lopez$

Elliott Reuling

Wives vs tim

Rajagopal C B

And where's panda

Fabio Reche

Love from spain keep up the videos <3

hannah radomski

we love the dr.pepper ballpark

sim_ tastic vids

I have autism dsypraxia alot of other things big deal woopie doo

Alexander Riddell

oh that's what it was I saw It near helgen and freaked

alricc 247

you're amaizing

Always True

It's ignoring when one player gets blames for losing a game with 4 other players on the floor. It's a TEAM!

Daren Gibson

I liked this video. I will say that I was raised in a stable household but still ended up being the anxious type. Idk why, I also show some avoidant type behaviors too (I think those really stem from my anxious tendencies tho)

Meme Chronicles

As someone who is avidly into archery, please put 3 fingers below the arrow when pulling it back, it lets you let go with our moving the string very much but still slows for a lot of strength that’s why shooting gloves have only 3 fingers with leather covering.

Jace Kirwan

You should film with Saquon Barkley

Rajesh Debar

Teletubbies is sooooo weak

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Who's watching in August 2016


This was on my bday

Lorenz Zeiller


Leevi Vilma

I dont get it what happends in 5?

Jayme M.

The Toolbox midgets are a reference to Army of Darkness.

80 kg

Aiden Aguirre

Rip Cody’s grandpa

nati suki

In my country if you are Foreigner you will so popular in school 😉 or in social media.

Carlos Lima

Damares, corre aquiii!




And i thought i was addicted

Dan Seeman

hello dude perfect


The 2nd Hole. I think I’ve been really close to that place a few times for Rubik’s Cube Competitions!

The G-Wing

mass effect! in one of the mass effect games, you can get a miniature giant space hamster, which is a reference to a previous bioware game, baldur's gate, in which one of the party members, minsc, has a pet hamster named boo that he calls a "miniature giant space hamster"

Ghany Maniri

I realy like the game you made it was so awsome

DrTool GT

Those sharp titties tho.

saud aloteibi

"I hate scaring my self " that is really touching her whole quote was so great and emotional


Love the idea for secrets on movie posters

Bryan Kelly

Reading the Dev Emails on Doom 3 was sad as hell . Most of them was Men thanking their wives for being supportive and apologizing for never being home and taking care of the kids ...

Cazntone O'Leary

Cool or Not Cool

lolly yolo

So they decide not to tell let alone explain to their children that they have an open relationship then when she finds out on her own and says it's cheating/ an affair they get disappointed and sad from her saying what it is from her understanding of it? That's REALLY unfair and cruel. What was she supposed to think it was? It doesn't mean she had a low opinion of her father to think that, it's what she observed, what else was she supposed to think? Besides, if she did have a low opinion of it perhaps it was from being hit and threatened by him? Seriously, wtf is wrong with these people?

Toy Bonnie

12:16 Your spelling is astounding.