Bangladesh building fire kills at least 70, toll could climb - YouTube

The death toll from a fire in a centuries-old area of the Bangladesh capital, Dhaka, jumped dramatically to 70 on Thursday, a fire official said, and could keep climbing as fire fighters combed the wreckage of the destroyed building.Read more at


Let's have a moment of silence for the poor soul who had to play Star Wars: The Force Unleashed..

Tuhinadri Halder


Kevin Mincey

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The Magic Man

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tonton charlie

10:00 battlefield 1942 ! The best battlefield !

_Bob McCoy

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i think the part he fell off the slide is funny. thumbs up for that


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Miles Jhoie Calora

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John Salerno

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EnderShark 1230

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Syed Basim

Your logo was different! I like the new one (2018) Is anyone watching in 2018?Thumbs up if you are


Omg how did I know he was online playing halo for like 3 weeks!

Ignacio Hernandez

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Manmeet Singh

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