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Bob Builder

So many iconic characters, bosses, places, and items, yet 95% of developers only reference the bonfire.


Are you Thai?


Then it’s not ur step mom

Vivacious 505

Team TY

Andrew Marcus


Dennis Hinojosa

Trash talker 🤬😂

The Mega Cannon

Where is PANDA

Charlie Bowles

The double wall was sick

clay carpenter

What kind of message is this serving?? Dont care about the cool beat. Time we start influencing in the right ways.

Saga 02

3:25 sameEEEE


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Leeyah Simeon

The same thing happened to my sister and she was hospitalized for 1 month


Do you know how to spell? or are you doing it for the TROLLS!!?

That one guy


Ryan Morik


Kid sports Action

The best

Lukmanul Hakim

LOL. 7:00. I wish you were HD.

JakeDaRake03 Fortnite

Is anyone watching this amazing video in 2019?

Doctor Pestilence

she took the kids

Northern Lights

Show this to anyone who is anti-immigrant.


Giant PING Pong :D

Martin Pivetta

0:27 in the back...

Bayou Beauty

I've had this happen to me before. Every grade has that extremely annoying perverted kid who tries to distract you from working. He just so happened to be in my class, and at the time, I had a really nice shape and my chest is big for my age, so that's when it started. He would get behind me in line and grope me, and then he had to sit next to me in a group and touch my thigh. I didn't say anything for weeks, and he kept doing it. One day, I was just so out of it, because I wasn't even sure how to act anymore because it would get his attention. I wasn't eating, I wasn't happy and talking to my friends, and then my English teacher got the school counselor to come and get me. I was scared. She told me to tell her what was going on, and she was shocked. I was crying so much. My parents were furious with the kid. His punishment was 3 days in a juvenile delinquent center, and an apology letter to me for what he did. That bastard deserved it. I wear baggy clothing now, cause I'm so self conscious about my body now. Thanks asshole.

eduardo howard

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Ace Family For Life

Who here at Dolan Twins hitting 10 million honestly I ❤️ them so much and a really really really big well done to one of the most