Big 5.3 earthquake hit LA! lasted "20 to 30 seconds" and "shook rather violently."Read more:

Rache Ghoul

I just wish someone would post a video of every single easter egg ever,including all the other secrets in games we dont know.Naughtydogs good at hiding stuff love to see theirs found.

Devin Vongehr

Ha Watchdogs Legion is like current day London

Evan Havens


Nicko Lynch

Did you guys notice they got a pencil stuck in the basketball net at 3:56

Johnny A

I'm playing this game again for the 3rd time. I'm hyped for the 2nd one coming out next year.

Quinn Carmona


Hayden House


nichan Khorchidian

stop asking the guy about KD ...

Mike The Saiyan

3:00 that's a a s8

If you did too, leave a like!!!❤️♥️

Colin Mckay

epic video i love it :)

Nicole M

I am the Anxious type.

Bethany Rain

I've had my run ins with self harm but damn this made me cry

Angelic Trance

thank you for the heads up on the jump scares! I Highly Appreciate it!

Cheesehead Hi!

The Slavic countries want to know your location

Bestest Buddy

Emetophobia’s a bitch.

Devincia Rahming

Team pooooop

Brandon Seum

it's February 14

Miguel Garibo Vidal

i think you are hiding some easter eggs for us to find

Brent: send me pics so I can admire your body that you're so ashamed of and let me love you HAPPY

Kenny Kenny

I like to the one signature dunk


who is watching in 2016? '-'


Abdul Shahid vlogs

Plzzz make video on cricket trickssss

Ethan & Sissy's House of Games

This a take on the last episode of Black Mirror.