Build a Garden Shed - Roof Framing - YouTube

In part three of our series, senior editor Justin Fink frames our garden shed's roof.

Barbora Dragounova

In Barrowknoll Cemetery, Drustvar (i think it is there) is rare Raven, with name Nevermore, it is from poem - Edgar Allan Poe - Raven, where raven constantly says Nevermore. Sorry for my english btw. :D

toney barnes

Fucking yes....I can't nut any harder right now!!!!!


Guru, my uncle's good friend works for naughty dog!

Henaok Ngonyen

Shamefull being Olympic gold medalist.....spiking so many time to pull down the corn from a low net....Invit me and i will saw you up the volleyball tricks....lolj.k 👌


I know, but I have a feeling that my audience is slightly younger than that reference.


Jason!!! (Heavy Rain)


Lowry is at most a weak 6 footer. More like 5'11


Australian baseball league big cricket not big baseball Helip baseball


Why don't you ever show the pandas face?

Jimmy Canedo

Really hope this makes the final cut of the film. I have to say I think the kid is spider man.

It can be seen in a short where Riley finds a boyfriend. it can be seen as graffiti.

Sehabaaj Sekhon


Fortnite post Of the day

Do they get paid to react



Lunar Blue Studios

Haha this was not written by a child and some of this story has to be some bullshit. As someone who is still in school I am aware that an entire school will NOT bash on a kid for being a homophobe. Second, this bitch was crying in a stall so how the hell did someone else in another stall figure out it was the ‘homophobic girl’ and tell her to shut up. Finally, yes she is homophobic. She does not agree/is not okay with the community which technically counts as homophobia. CHECK YOURSELF this video villainies the LGBT community and will mislead people. No school acts like this. No people say “you just don’t fit in with the rest of them anymore” this video seemed (and probably is) faked.

and you do a search on google it should come up with a message saying "web page not available" or some shit like that. When that comes up just press space bar and the dinosaur on the page should jump and a game should appear!! 

Kebron Daniel

I'm...kinda disappointed it's not twins. But still happy for you

محمد حمودي

New EMINEM but without naked chicks

FaKe PlebMaster

He missed the prologue easter egg, in the hotel before the cutscene on the balcony, there is a door that can be opened, the room behind it is the room from the trailer


I absolutely love your musical choices. Beautiful vid, as always

James Smith

Teenage mantit nigue turtuls


Hold 1 to LOL

TheLegend Playz

In the Double Dad trust shot Cody actually bobbed down

Kaan S.

Joseph Allen... Turkey knows your Name!

IG Monkey

4:35 wasn’t Ty’s nickname Weedy Gonzalez