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Taya Mikus

Is it just me or does the brother look like her boyfriend in the pictures (this is not a joke I’m sending much love to the girl that opened up to us this is just something I recalled in this video) much love ❤️- Taya

John Gills

wjts the first

Jill Engh

Poop you all 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩


This made me cry like if you cried for one prayer of mikes dad

Erick Vela

Battlefield Reskin

Mr, Cool Guy

Why its look like a super easy thing for them haha😂

Temp name

yeah lol

Dylan Blake

This is an amazing and very educational video. A great example of bipolar disorder.

Abby Lyde Sarnillo

This Broke my 💔😥

Matthew Cowan

I’m working in a retail store at 18 and know I’m going to be someone. I’m going to publish this app and I’ll be on this channel telling you all my story 🙌🏼

Marcus Hubert

Does anyone else think Michaels suit is a little small


It stresses me out that she just used him for money. Break up. She knew what was going on and she did not change it. There was a problem, covered with paint, and not cement. It angers me how people are like this in reality.


If you can pick any quote from anyone that inspires you the most what quote is it and who quoted thus quote



watermelon gachagirl galaxy

Can u do this challenge can u go down to boca Raton in Florida go to wlatmart Publix and every other store in that area do pretty much explore then make Chandler hind first one to find him win $10,000

George Mills


Ryan Mendoza

Go pack go


actually the the freddy crougar bed easter egg actually isnt real because when i looked at it there were spiked knuckles on the bed(Random weapon spawn maybe?)

Oniya Brown

We’re having a baby let’s live in the woods


slow clap for you

Thunder Drain

wants coby to win beats coby me WHAT

-Alexia Vibes-

When she said patty wake up, she realized it was a dream guys


You know what’s funny, my friends see me a insane person, mentality unstable, psychopath, yandere, weirdo, bitch, etc, They f**king abused the dog

Steven Loewenthal



LA dodgers

bo5alf kuwari

love it


FUCK YOU KID. Let me see a video of you doing that. You little bitch. Go complain and somewhere else.


we will cary on is the Name of the song^^


If coby is rarely mistaken, why is he mistaken about winning battles?


No Leprechauns were harmed in the making of this video :P

And then we have Battlefield going back to World War 1.

When i saw her my heart was beating so fast.

Dope NationTM

ThAtS JuST uR NoRmAL WaLkINg SpeEd bruh? That "assignment" was A HUGE POSTER ON A WHOLE CONTRY.