Sketching Basics 1: All About Lines - YouTube

Miracle Farms, a 5-acre commercial permaculture orchard in Southern Quebec, Canada - YouTube

Twenty years ago, Stefan Sobkowiak bought a commercial apple orchard with the intention of converting it to an organic orchard. He did just that, but eventually understood the limitations of the organic model originating from monoculture. He then decided to tear out most of the trees and replant in a way that would maximize biodiversity and yield while minimizing the amount of maintenance required. Inspired by permaculture principles, the orchard now counts over 100 cultivars of apples, plus several types of plums, pears, cherries, and countless other fruits and vegetables.Italian subtitles : Marco Panariello, Gruppo Permacultura Lombardia

The Top 100 PS1 Games In 10 Minutes ... according to gamer votes! - YouTube

The Top 100 PS1 Games - as voted on by the users at GameFaqs ... in 10 minutes.See the list here:there are some odd entries on this list.For example, both Final Fantasy V *and* Final Fantasy Anthology are listed - which is a bit redundant.Ditto for Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy Chronicles.But, votes are votes and I listed them anyway. Looking through this list, one developer in particular stands out for their output: Square.They published so many diverse titles with consistently high quality on the PS1.It's interesting how they've went from successfully pursuing multiple genres to essentially being a single franchise shop...What's even more interesting is comparing this video with a Top 100 PS1 list ... as listed by MetaCritic, which I have also uploaded! There's a surprisingly wide disparity between what gamers consider "Top 100" and what critics consider "Top 100"...On a personal note, I'm majorly bummed out that Omega Boost didn't make either list.Boo.NOTE: For people saying #49 is mis-identified -Final Fantasy Chronicles (#49) ... is actually a collection of FFIV and Chrono Trigger. And considering I already had footage from FF Anthology, FFV and FFVI already on the list, I wanted to use some different footage of the game - hence the Chrono Trigger footage.

How to Build a Shed - How To Frame a Wood Floor - Video 3 of 15 - YouTube

- In this video Henry teaches you how to frame a shed floor and apply 3/4" T&G plywood sheathing. Everything you need to know is included in our detailed instructions - some of the main parts covered in this floor framing video are:- How to identify crowns and layout floor joist correctly- How to make sure your floor is square- How to level the floor framing- How to cut & measure T&G plywood floor sheathing- Tips & tricks in this stage to make later parts of the shed build much easier.FREE PLANS FOR THE FASCIA/SOFFIT JIG in VIDEO 11...Download them at the following URL: View 15 all of our Shed Building videos on our YouTube Channel: Shed Plans for this shed are available here: have more projects coming up in the spring of 2017, Don't miss them: Subscribe to the Country Life Projects channel here: Design & Plans Copyright - All Rights Reserved

Ask TOH | Passage Set, Landscape: 1518 - YouTube

On this week's episode of ASK This Old HouseHow to Bore for a New Door KnobTom helps a homeowner install a new door knob passage set on his closet door.Where to find it?Tom used the Door Lock Installation Hole Dozer Hole Saw Kit, manufactured by Milwaukee. The kit includes a drill guide, 2 1/8” hole saw, 1” hole saw, small arbor, arbor adaptor and spacer, two 3/32” drill bits and two 1/8” drill bits for pre-drilling holes for latch plate screws. Tom installed a F10GEO619 Georgian Passage Knob Satin Nickel Set, manufactured by Schlage. Privacy locksets, deadbolt locksets, and the jig for boring holes can be found at home centers.A Tour of Antique Plumbing and the Toilet of the FutureRichard dives into a history lesson about plumbing and shows off new toilet technology. Where to find it?Richard displayed some plumbing heirlooms from his family business, Trethewey Brothers of Boston, including a custom toilet bowl, an overflow cover, and an antique fixture catalogue from American Standard.Richard also showed a futuristic toilet that featured an automatic seat lift, seat warmer, built-in bidet, UV sanitation, and a remote control.It was the Veil Intelligent Skirted Elongated Dual Flush Toilet, manufactured by Kohler.How to Reimagine a Historic LandscapeLandscape Designer Jenn Nawada uses a historic landscape design as inspiration to revive an overgrown backyard. Jenn used New England fieldstone steppers from Landscape Depot as stepping stonesJenn installed the following plants: ClematisHydrangea AnnabelleCalycanthus Sedum Spectabile (Autumn Joy)Osmunda Cinnamomea (Fern)Dennstaedtia Punctilobula (Fern)Polystichum Acrostichoides (Fern)Buddleia (Black Knight)Phlox Paniculata (David)Phlox Paniculata (Flame Pink)Iris Germanica (Immortality)Astilbe Simplicifolia (Hennie Graafland)Astilbe x Arendsii (Bridal Veil)Hypericum (Hidcote)Mary Bohannon, Yellow with Orange CupHis Excellency, Lilac BluePaeonia (Victoire de la Mame)Dryopteris (Brilliance Fern)Nipponanthemum NipponicumHydrangea Petiolaris Expert assistance for this project was provided by Kelstrom Landscaping of West Roxbury and Nawada Landscape Design.

GET UP & GET IT DONE - New Motivational Video Compilation for Success & Studying - YouTube

Get Up and Get It Done! This is a powerful Motivational Speech Video that will motivate you to get out of bed and get started on your work. These motivational videos are created to motivate students to study for exams, work hard, and fight feelings of depression and anxiety. ---------------------------- ----------------------------The secret to getting things done is to act! If you want it, you have to work for it. Sometimes it's just that simple. But don't forget, doing things is not the same as getting things done.Subscribe for a new Study Motivational Video every Sunday! Activate the 🔔 beside the subscribe button to get a notification! Leave us a comment with what you'd like to see in the next video! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------▼Help support our channel!►Read faster with Blinkist (free trial): error-free with Grammarly (free extension): in Math and Science (20% off): Amazon Prime (50% OFF for students!): our free detailed summary notes on how you can study way more effectively: used:Motivation2Study - End Procrastination- How Bad Do You Want It?- You Need to Kill ProcrastinationWillink - How To Smash Days When You Don't Feel Like It- Wake Up and Fight- Who Do You Want To Be?Footage:Mariana's Study Corner: Quill: at the University of Agder in South NorwayA Piece of Happiness - Short FilmTour of Facebook and Instagramat the TreasuryWillink: Thomas: Anderson: (Owen Cook): LopezRobin SharmaGary VaynerchukTony RobinsBrendon BurchardJoe RoganJohn CenaEric ThomasLes BrownWill SmithTony RobbinsLes BrownJim RohnEarl Nightingale▼Music:Audiojungle - Epic Piano Music---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------▼We're creating motivational quotes and photos to keep you motivated!! Keep up with us on Social Media:Facebook: Motivation Playlist #1: COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER* Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, commenting, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. 1)This video has no negative impact on the original works (It would actually be positive for them)2)This video is also for teaching purposes.3)It is not transformative in nature.4)I only used bits and pieces of videos to get the point across where necessary.Given that many aspects of Fair Use are open to interpretation if any owners of the video clips would like me to remove the video, I have no issue with this and will do so as fast as possible. Please contact me by email at us caption & translate this video!

35 Kill SOLO VS SQUAD - (RIP THE 40 BOMB) - YouTube

35 Kill SOLO VS SQUAD (RIP THE 40 BOMB). *i survived and got the 40 bomb*---- Use my code "Mitr0" to pay respect.----➡️Follow me on twitter: me live on twitch: thumbnail boi:

Tiny house built to meet building codes in EUROPE | France, Germany, Denmark, England.. - YouTube

This week, Michael from Tiny House Living is showing us around in their Tiny House model here in Denmark. It's a a 194 sq ft tiny house with 108 sq ft of loft space. On the ground floor is the kitchen, the bathroom and a fold out table, as well as a couch area for relaxation. The master bedroom is on of the lofts, and the lounge area is on the other one. The layout is great and it feel spacious; the ceiling is high and there's lots of storage spaces throughout the house. We had a chat with Michael about all the rules and regulations there are in Denmark when building houses, and it's great to keep these things in mind when you're considering getting a tiny house. However, the regulations are changing because the politicians here in Denmark are starting to see the possibilities with tiny living, so it might soon be easier and more affordable to build tiny houses. The Scandinavian market for tiny houses and small living is growing, and we're very excited about it!! :) Prices start around 70.000 USD and go up to around 120.000 USDVisit: it on arbnb: to our channel: website gear used to film these videos:Camera Sony: mic:    6se: Hero: Pro:   weight items we use for traveling:Baby chair: Stroller: canopy: bed/tent: tub: credits:"Solitude" - Used with permission from Time Stroll" - Music used with permission from:

Nehawu& PSA: JHB building fire a disaster waiting to happen - YouTube

Gauteng Infrastructure Development MEC Jacob Mamabolo has promised to take full responsibility for the deadly Bank of Lisbon building fire should investigations find he was at fault. The building in the Johannesburg CBD, which housed three Gauteng government departments, including Mamabola's, was found to have not met safety compliance standards before yesterday's blaze. It cost the lives of three firefighters and left several others injured.Gauteng Emergency Medical Services say fire engines from the City of Johannesburg, Ekurhuleni and OR Tambo are working to extinguish the blaze in the Johannesburg CBD that's been raging for more than 27 hours now.For more news, visit:

Calum Scott, Leona Lewis - You Are The Reason (Duet Version) - YouTube

Calum’s debut album ‘Only Human’ feat. “You Are The Reason” & “Dancing On My Own” out now! iTunes: on Apple Music: on Spotify: it on Amazon (CD/MP3/Prime): it on Google Play:on Deezer:Are The Reason" (Duet Version) with Leona Lewis available to download + stream: the official music video for "You Are The Reason": There goes my heart beating Cause you are the reason I'm losing my sleep Please come back now There goes my mind racing And you are the reason That I'm still breathing I'm hopeless now I'd climb every mountain And swim every ocean Just to be with you And fix what I've broken Oh, ‘cause I need you to see That you are the reason There goes my hands shaking Cause you are the reason My heart keeps bleeding And I need you now If I could turn back the clock I'd make sure the light defeated the dark I'd spend every hour, of every day Keeping you safe I'd climb every mountain And swim every ocean Just to be with you And fix what I've broken Oh, ‘cause I need you to see That you are the reason You are the reason Yeah, yeah... I'd climb every mountain And swim every ocean Just to be with you And fix what I've broken Oh, ‘cause I need you to see That you are the reasonFollow Calum Scott -Facebook: @CalumScottInstagram: @CalumScottSpotify: Site: video by Calum Scott, Leona Lewis performing You Are The Reason. © 2018 Capitol Records

Global Refugee Awareness - Straight Talk Africa - YouTube

In this episode of Straight Talk Africa, host Shaka Ssali, explores the significance of World Refuge Day that is on June 20th. His guests are: Eskinder Negash, President and CEO, U.S. Committee on Refugees and Immigrants (USRI) and Edafe Okporo , Executive Director of RDJ Refugee Shelter.World Refuge Day stablished by the United Nations and it honors the strength and courage of refugees and encourages public awareness of people who have fled their home lands due to conflict or natural disaster. Both Eskinder and Edafe are refuges and share their stories on this show.Originally published at -

India Must ‘De-Hyphenate’ From Pakistan Like China Did From Taiwan | The Quint - YouTube

“As China closed in on Superpower status, it de-hyphenated from Taiwan without lessening its hostility. Unfortunately, #India has remained fixated on #Pakistan, even as our economic heft has multiplied manifold,” argues @Raghav_Bahl Video: The QuintMusic: Big Bang FuzzSubscribe to Our New Health Vertical, QuintFit: more videos, subscribe to our channel: out The Quint for more news: Stay Updated, Download The Quint App:Google Play Store: App Store: The Quint here:Facebook: Follow The Quint in Hindi:

Barbie Dolls: Giant Dreamhouse Dollhouse w/ Toy Surprise & Camper Car | Doll Play for Kids - YouTube

Barbie Dolls: Giant Dreamhouse Dollhouse w/ Toy Surprise & Camper Car | Doll Play for Kids.Have Fun :)Hi Parents. All Toys are bought by myself. This video is supposed to review and show the toys functions in an entertaining and family friendly way.Sounds: FreeSound.org___________________________________Business Inquiries: kinderspielzeugkanal@web.de___________________________________

12 - A Life So Changed - Titanic Soundtrack - YouTube

This is the twelfth track from the Titanic soundtrack composed by James Horner.No copyright infringement intended.Meaning of the song- Rose's life was so changed by Jack Dawson.

Lagos Commences Manual Demolition Of Marked Buildings - YouTube

For more interesting and trending videos CLICK HERE:forget to SUBSCRIBE HERE for updates on uploads: can also LIKE Us on Facebook: Follow Us on Twitter HERE: out our full video catalogue: For more information log on to

What A Beautiful Name | The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir - YouTube

Warum wir Donald Duck lieben | WALULIS - YouTube

Unser aller Lieblingsente - Donald Duck. Dafür, dass der Erpel keine Hose trägt hat er es in der Popkultur extrem weit geschafft. Die Comics verkaufen sich nicht nur wie warme Semmeln, sondern schon wie brandheiße Puddingteilchen. Aber warum sieht man ihn so selten mit Micky Maus? Wo hat sich die Ente schon überall rumgetrieben und warum ist sie in unserem Herzen? Das klären wir heute. → Wir sind Teil von funk! Mehr davon gibt's unter: ►YouTube: ►funk Web-App: ►Facebook: ►Impressum: → Mehr von WALULIS: ►WALULIS bei Facebook: ►WALULIS' Rechtschreibfehler auf Twitter korrigieren: ►Bunte Bilder aus der Redaktion auf Insta: Duck ist ein riesiger Looser. Er gewinnt selten, muss für seine drei Neffen sorgen und gleichzeitig auch noch irgendwie so klar kommen. Kein fester Job, steht sich immer selber im Weg. Dann ist er cholerisch, streitsüchtig und manchmal sogar trotz seiner Dummheit arrogant. Und genau deshalb mögen wir ihn so gerne. Wir erkennen uns in ihm wieder. Denn auch wir sind im Herzen alle komplette Versager. Wir alle wissen nicht, was wir machen. Verkackt Donald also und bleibt dabei halbwegs liebevoll, sagen wir alle: “Awwwwww….” und fühlen uns selber besser. Küchenpsychologie, YEAH! Und Micky Maus? Der ist eben ein Allerweltsmann, hat mir Minny eine Frau an seiner Seite und eckt nicht so viel an. Nicht so relatable. Und deshalb auch weniger erfolgreich. Die beiden tauchten übrigens am Anfang nie gemeinsam in Comics auf, weil man in seinem Heft zwei verschiedene Personen haben musste. Pfiffig! Oder passt eine Maus eben einfach nicht nach Entenhausen? Ist hier Enten-Rassismus am Werk? Und wie wird dann die lebende Glühbirne von Daniel Düsentrieb geduldet? Wer regiert Entenhausen eigentlich? Alles Fragen, die man sich auch stellen kann.

Trashpicked Samsung LCD TV Repair? - YouTube

I found a 32" 1080p Samsung LCD TV in the trash. Does it work? If it's broken, can I fix it?(I decide to fix it in Part 2: be back to regularly scheduled videos next week!Samsung LCD TV Model UN32EH5000F

"HUGE MINECRAFT TNT WORLD EXPLOSION WITH AFTERMATH" (Minecraft TNT Explosion, Minecraft Explosion) - YouTube

Minecraft Explosion TNT - In today's video, it's a "Huge Minecraft TNT Explosion" a Minecraft World with a TNT Ball. This relates to Minecraft Spheres, Minecraft TNT, Minecraft Explosion, Minecraft How To, Minecraft Dynamite, & more! Leave a LIKE for more Minecraft Games For Kids!"HOW TO GET DIAMONDS FAST IN MINECRAFT PE" (Minecraft Diamonds, Minecraft How To, Diamond Mining) video also relates to Minecraft TNT Nuclear Bomb, Minecraft TNT Nuke, Minecraft Nuclear TNT, & more.Follow "DudeItsRocky" On Twitter: Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE) Videos:"TITANIC SINKING IN MCPE" (Minecraft Pocket Edition, Minecraft PE Mods, Titanic Movie Game) & BIKINI BOTTOM IN MCPE" (Minecraft Pocket Editon, Spongebob Mod, Spongebob Squarepants) 10 MINECRAFT POCKET EDITION SERVERS" (Minecraft PE Servers, MCPE Servers, MCPE Multiplayer)"HOW TO MAKE A PORTAL TO IT, PENNYWISE THE CLOWN DIMENSION IN MINECRAFT PE" (MCPE Scary Horror Game) KILLED ME, I FOUND HEROBRINE IS REAL" (MCPE Herobrine Sighting, How to Spawn Herobrine) CRAZY MINECRAFT CRAFTING IDEAS" (Crafting, Ideas, Crafting Recipes, Crafting Tables, & More) 10 MINECRAFT POCKET EDITION MODS" (Minecraft Top 10 PE Mods, iOS, Android, Minecraft Mods) POCKET EDITION VS BLOCK CRAFT 3D" (Minecraft PE, BlockCraft, Mobile Games, iOS, Android) TO MAKE A PORTAL TO THE GIRLFRIEND DIMENSION" (Minecraft Girlfriend, MCPE, Minecraft Portal)JURASSIC WORLD DINOSAURS MOD" (Minecraft Jurassic Park, Dinosaurs, MCPE, Minecraft PE)POCKET EDITION VS SURVIVAL CRAFT 2" (MCPE, SurvivalCraft, Mobile Games, iOS, Android)from Epidemic SoundsMINECRAFT TNT WORLD EXPLOSION WITH AFTERMATH" (Minecraft TNT Explosion, Minecraft Explosion)

Mexico – Fear of Trump's wall | DW Documentary - YouTube

United States' president-elect Donald Trump said he intends to deport millions of Mexicans living in the U.S. illegally immediately after taking office. Trump has also pledged to build a wall between Mexico and the United States. Many Mexicans fear deportation and unemployment. Will Donald Trump follow through with his hard-hitting immigration policy as American president? Find out in our documentary: FEAR OF TRUMP'S WALL - FUTURE UNCERTAIN FOR MILLIONS OF MEXICANS.Due to a high volume of comments that are not in accordance with our netiquette policy, the comment section for this video has been disabled. For more information, click the following link: powerful and informative – DW Documentary is always close to current affairs and international events. Our eclectic mix of award-winning films and reports take you straight to the heart of the story. Dive into different cultures, journey across distant lands, and discover the inner workings of modern-day life. Subscribe and explore the world around you – every day, one DW Documentary at a time.Subscribe to DW Documentary:For more information visit:InstagramDW netiquette policy:

Dying Light - 20 Easter Eggs, Secrets & References - YouTube

After Dying Light 2 appearing at E3 2019, I had an urge to go back and play through the original Dying Light. Today I bring you 20 Easter eggs, secrets and references in the original Dying Light. Enjoy.Become a channel member and get exclusive badges!: socials:*Instagram: videos like this one:The Best Of Captain Eggcellent: Video Game Details That Will Make You Smile: Kombat 11 Easter Eggs: video contains:Dying Light George Romero Mural Easter EggDying Light Dark Knight Easter EggDying Light Dancing Zombies Easter EggDying Light Destiny Loot Cave Easter EggDying Light Plants Vs Zombies Easter Eggand many more!

DJI F450 Speed flips and loops with naza lite - YouTube

Fun with my F450Stock E300 Promo Kit with Naza lite on 4 cells

The Beginner's Guide to Cities Skylines - Tips and Tricks for New Players (City Planning) - YouTube

For new players, Cities Skyline can be a bit confusing.So for you new mayors out there, I wanted to put together some tips and tricks for starting out your city the right way with future growth in mind.So let's dive in and talk about City Planning in this Beginners Guide to Cities Skylines.Like DadsWhoGame on FacebookDadsWhoGame on TwitterDadsWhoGame on Twitchthe channel on Patreon

Cities Skylines ▶TORNADO ALLEY PANIC!!!◀ #2 Cities: Skylines Green Cities Natural Disasters - YouTube

Let's Play Cities Skylines: You've asked for it! Maximum Random Disasters, on a beautiful map. New City, new fun! Enjoy :-) ➤Buy Cities Skylines via my Affiliate link & support the channel:Cities Skylines (base game) - Green Cities: - Transit: - Disasters: - a District Named after you? Support me on Patreon:-My Discord:- to FOLLOW Me:- Indie Games: Strategy: Minecraft: Twitter: @biffa2001- Livestream: Islands (by Ecania) Map Download:(Into/Outro)Ben - William Rosati➤Pre Finale SipaGreenTea Citiea Save file is pinned on my public discord as a pinned comment (Discord join link below).➤How to make Cities Skylines Look Realistic by Press Including links to all the Mods used:Skylines Green Cities: Skylines Gameplay Mass Transit: Skyline Natural Disaster Comedy Short"DISASTER STRIKES LONDON!":Skyline Natural Disaster (inc Scenarios): Skylines Unlimited Mods: Skylines: Snowfall DLC: Skylines: After Dark DLC: Skylines: Heavenly Island Map: Skylines: & Intro/Outro Music:- Educated Man - Max McFerren- Nightingale - Eveningland➤Cities Skylines Green Cities DLCmy Cities Skylines Gameplay. Green Cities (Green City) is the latest expansion for Cities: Skylines, the award-winning city-building game, adding new ways for players to build earth-friendly towns. The expansion adds 350 new assets to the core game, adding a massive selection of new visual options, complete with eco-friendly buildings, organic shops, electric vehicles, and new services designed to make pollution a quaint notion of the past. Players can create more diversified cities, or go completely green as the urban population grows. New in-game services and buildings arrive alongside revisions to noise and environmental pollution, making the skies safer for Chirper at last. - New Eco-Friendly Buildings, New specialization buildings, new alternative service buildings, new unique buildings, electric cars, new parks -- 350 new assets in all giving a unique new look to Cities: Skylines- New specialized options for all city zones, plus leveled-up specializations for the first time in Cities: Skylines- 3 new scenarios, 4 new policy options, and a new Monument to make your friends Green with envy- Of course we’ve included a new hat for Chirper (in fact 3!)#citiesskylines #citiesskylinesnaturaldisaster #biffa #biffaplays #biffa2001

Trailer pre Armado - YouTube

Como Armar Un Trailer? Vendo el Kit completo para armar tu propio trailer.

RMS Valiant A SINKING SHIP (gmod) - YouTube

New YouTube: Claude From Chicagois a video of me tell a cool story of the ship and the people on it! (CCG members) Fun made up roleplay! THANKS FOR 335,000 VIEWS! Gmod video coming out 2/19/19. How to play map \/\/Link toMap: is Garry's Mod on stream. Just go into the workshop and then type in "RMS Valiant" and then press add. Then the next time you load in Gmod it will be there!

Skid steers, Tall places & Bad ideas - YouTube

Skid steers, bad ideas, roofs, & gas cans.Welcome to Dirtmonkey Demolition Vlog 001.Our next video will be back to landscaping, heavy equipment, cars, how to's etc etc.To buy SURECAN click this linkthe best prices on Some of my favorite Amazon tools: Dewalt concrete saw: axe: wrench Speaker: Power shaft Multitool: strap: heated coat: off Kujo shoes here: Metal cutting blade: tunesAir Compressor equipment-Best cutting edge ever:trailmate: snow blower: wrench pass through socket set: packout: trilight: impact set: work tunes: Chainsaw: mitre saw:

Diana buys a New PlayHouse - YouTube

Diana wants to buy a New Playhouse. But this toy is worth 5 dollars! Little girl asks for money from dad. Dad offers Diana to do the cleaning to make money. Kids pretend play with toys.Diana`s INSTAGRAM to Kids Diana Show -

YOU Don't Wanna Miss THIS Backyard Rec Pond!: Greg Wittstock, The Pond Guy - YouTube

Rain or shine - I'm out visiting water features from around the country, even if I did put the wrong shirt on! Check out more of Nature's Re-Creations works of art in the St. Louis area!VISIT NATURE'S RE-CREATIONS: THE AQUASCAPE WEBSITE: US ON FACEBOOK: A CERTIFIED AQUASCAPE CONTRACTOR: TO PONDSIDE MONTHLY NEWSLETTER: US ON PINTEREST: TO AQUASCAPE PONDS ON YOUTUBE: TO GREG WITTSTOCK THE POND GUY: TO TEAM AQUASCAPE:US ON TWITTER: by Peyruis provided by Free Music for Vlogs

Avengers Endgame Alternate HISHE - YouTube

Thor has an Alternate HISHE for Avengers Endgame!New Shirt in our Store!making How Endgame Should Have Endedwe wrote way too many scenes to complete without forcing you to wait even longer.So we broke the skits into two episodes since this sketch felt more like a stand alone episode.The thought was once time travel was introduced you could avoid all the complications of returning the stones if you just sent the man with the one weapon that can best the gauntlet back to the garden and eliminate Thanos before he destroys the stones in the first place. Similar to the way they did the first time just do it sooner.This creates a much easier path to return the stones to any location they want and doesn't mess with everyone's timeline... except maybe Starlord.... but this is all his fault anyway so ... i mean they could always go grab Gamora out of the past since Nebula is allowed to shoot her past self and there are zero consequences. They basically have the tools to save anyone they feel after Endgame which we show in our first episode. Anyway, hope you enjoy.Thanks for watching you lovely viewer you!Watch More HISHEs: Subscribe to HISHE: Twitter @theHISHEdotcom Instagram @HISHEgram Facebook: Episodes-------------------- How Endgame Should Have EndedAladdin Should Have EndedFar From Home Trailer HISHE Shazam! Should Have Ended Avengers Endgame HISHE Review Captain Marvel HISHE Avengers Infinity War - HISHE Dubs How Bumblebee Should Have Ended How Avengers Infinity War Should Have Ended How Fantastic Beasts Should Have Ended How Incredibles 2 Should Have Ended Villain Pub - Trick or Treat How Ant-Man and The Wasp Should Have Ended HISHE Horror Compilation How Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Should Have Ended Predator HISHE Dubs How The Venom Trailer Should Have Ended Super Cafe - Teens and Titans How Deadpool 2 Should Have Ended Infinity War Alternate HISHE The Last Jedi Lego Summary Jurassic World Alternate HISHE Jurassic World - Comedy Recap (HISHE Dubs) Oceans Over 40 Trailer How Black Panther Should Have Ended Villain Pub - The Dead Pool How Justice League Should Have Ended How Star Wars The Last Jedi Should Have Ended How Thor Ragnarok Should Have Ended How Spider-Man Homecoming Should Have Ended Avengers Infinity War and Beyond (Toy Story Mashup) How IT Should Have Ended Batman V Superman - Comedy Recap How The Incredibles Should Have Ended Villain Pub - Penny For Your Fears

Ideas On How To Build a Custom Wood Deck: Around Your In-Ground Swimming Pool - YouTube

For another deck building idea watch my video here:a new custom rounded deck around your pool area! Include custom Landscape / Outdoor Lighting! Make sure to weatherproof your deck. Add patio furniture to top it off!

How to Become an Automatic Millionaire 💰 with David Bach - YouTube

So you want to be a millionaire? Then this video is for you! In this video, you’ll get an exclusive interview with financial author, speaker and founder of, David Bach. ✅Be sure to pick up David's book, The Automatic Millionaire here:one of those people who you can’t deny his passion has motivated him to find success.And that is a journey we can all learn something from. What is your big dream that seems far to unattainable to achieve? Whatever the dream is, I’m sure you will find some motivation from hearing how David took the leap of faith and followed his passion to pursue a dream.✅Be sure to pick up David's book, The Automatic Millionaire here:what you’ll learn in this new video: ▶︎ 2:49 - How I first was introduced to David Bach in 2005 while on tour in Iraq.Because when you’re deployed, the only things you do in your free time are workout, play poker and read. ▶︎ 5:32 - How David's childhood really paved the path for his understanding and interest in the financial advising world.▶︎ 8:39 - Hear what the turning point was for David transitioning from the financial advising segment of his career to chasing his passion. ▶︎ 10:30 - How did the actual transition take place to pursue his dream? Hear what the process looked like with the realities life has… providing for your family, taking care of your wife, moving across the country, etc.▶︎ 16:00 - How David was able to reach his goal of teaching 1 million people. ▶︎ 21:55 - What byproducts came from chasing his passion that really were not planned, but certainly are a bonus today. (This is the GOOD STUFF!) ▶︎ 24:40 - How when you’re passionate about something, you really never get tired of teaching about it. ▶︎ 25:00 - How taking a year or more sabbatical to rest and reflect is actually a really terrifying decision to make… but the single greatest thing David can recommend to anyone.▶︎ 30:00 - How you can plan and prepare to take a sabbatical in the coming year.▶︎ 33:00 - Hear what would be a success over the next three years for David and how he’s setting those goals now. ▶︎ 34:50 - What is the new app Clarity… and how you’re going to want to download it today. ✅Be sure to pick up David's book, The Automatic Millionaire here:Want More Good Financial Cents? ★☆★💻 Check out my blog here: to my podcast here:🎙 up my best selling book, Soldier of Finance, here: 📗 with me on Twitter: most favorite inspiration T-shirt line, Compete Every Day:👕

Build a Custom Wood Deck Around Your In Ground Swimming Pool - YouTube

We show you how to create a one-of-a-kind custom deck.Watch this video slideshow to give you ideas about your own deck design.

15 - Hymn To The Sea - Titanic Soundtrack - YouTube

This is the fifteenth and final track from the Titanic soundtrack composed by James Horner.No copyright infringement intended.

Find a Secure Jump Position - YouTube

Get more riding tips and exercises in this Free 7-Day Course:

Watch first lady Michelle Obama’s full speech at the 2016 Democratic National Convention - YouTube

Andrew W.K. - Party Hard - YouTube

Music video by Andrew W.K. performing Party Hard. (C) 2001

RMS Valiant A SINKING SHIP (gmod) - YouTube

New YouTube: Claude From Chicagois a video of me tell a cool story of the ship and the people on it! (CCG members) Fun made up roleplay! THANKS FOR 335,000 VIEWS! Gmod video coming out 2/19/19. How to play map \/\/Link toMap: is Garry's Mod on stream. Just go into the workshop and then type in "RMS Valiant" and then press add. Then the next time you load in Gmod it will be there!

You BETRAYED This Woman | T.B. Joshua PROPHECY - YouTube

A prophetic message from T.B. Joshua unites father and daughter estranged for over 12 years after betrayal led to separation with her mother. At The SCOAN, Mr Elijah Chikwendu saw his daughter for the very first time, not knowing his refusal to take up his parental responsibility was behind his setbacks! Truly, the Gospel of God’s grace changes and challenges everything; to God’s power, NOTHING is impossible!

Tiny Cabin Sled / Solar Powered & Water Heated / Making Maple Syrup / Log Cabin Update- Ep 11.7 - YouTube

In this episode, we tow the Snowmobile Camper / Tiny Cabin Sled to a maple stand, where I make maple syrup. I heat my mobile shelter using hot water, I eat a no-cook supper, and I talk about my solar setup. Outsider Apparel: Camper Series:1. Construction of sled base: "Antique Logging Tongs & Sawmill Sled Construction" - Framing, Siding, and Roof: "Snowmobile Camper / Winter Shelter"- Self-opening Door, Lighting: "Cozy Snowmobile Camper / Sled Shelter / Ice Hut"- Heat Source & Wild Food Foraging: "Tiny Cabin on Runners! / Wood Stove Install & Chaga Hunt" / First Overnight Trip: "Snowmobile Camper Solo Overnight- Primitive Heating & Wolf Lullaby" / I use:Aimtom Power Station: Store USA:Store Canada:Solar Panel (similar)- Cook Stove- Can 20L- Power Bank- flashlight: Cans- Monoxide Detector- Thermometer- Wood Stove- Light strip- Tripod- Drills- (Poulan)- (Echo)- Axe- Knife- Blade Knife-