Building Process 18: Floor Trusses - YouTube

We swing floor joists( floor trusses) on the Las Vegas project.


Jenna honestly seems like a pretty toxic friend ;-;


I almost 1-2 days on a week.

миша колпин

ummmmm photoshop

Kor3Ayn 27

luv the tiny whisk lol


Twisted wonderland is better

Mildly Displeased Staravia

I might be dumb and it might mean something else but there's a sign somewhere that says "sons of liberty" on it, a reference to metal gear solid?

CJ Brightwell


Gerald Killen

Nav taught gunna some vocals 💯❤️


The Road has the bleakest apocalypse ever imagined. There is literally no chance for recovery, humanity would need several miracles in several places at the same time to even have a slight possibility of survival. No zombie, or zombie-like, apocalypse can come close to such utter hopelessness.

Adriana not Grande

A bunch of Ford F150

I cant be the only one, right?

Lukas Chapman

i knew it was checkers

Neva Schoettker

you need to pray at the end of every overtime

Olivia Cantu

Oh and work from home

Fred Leija

So cool

William Dow

Panda finaly returns

Trey P

Did she get DP'd by DP? (I'm sure thats been commented I just wanted to make sure)

Depressed Child

the girl needs to chill lmao she is not grateful lol

Jack Nelson

1:50 oof, rejected


Fucking Fake!

Austin Plunkett

Golf trick shots

Corey Blair

I found the hidden "this game is dope as fuck dude"


When they take out glider redeploy

Avery Ep

Is his true or was this guy drunk when he made the story?🤣


Whats up with all them bananas ?

Badminton Game Addict

I will just waitfor FROZEN ENDDRAMATIC!!