Darby 852 main st 4 13 2013 3rd alarm - YouTube

Call was dispatched for a building fire at 0610 hrs April 13 2013. Crews arrived to find fire showing from the front of a 100 X 200 1 story commercial structure. The building was a marketand had 3 full size billboards on the roof.Due to the heavy fire involvement and collapse concerns the attack went defensive and a 2nd alarm was quickly struck. Crews did a trench cut of the roof of the D exposure a cleaners. Houses across the alley on the C side were evacuated. Crews operated multiple elevated master streams, deck guns, portable monitors and hand lines.At about 12:48 in the video theC side suffers a major collapse. Crews are evacuated from the exposure and the 3rd alarm is requested. At the height of the fire 9 elevated master streams,2 engine mounted and 5 portable monitors were operating. Crews were involved in several long LDH relays including one from the Darby Creek about 1500 feet away. At least 1 firefighter was injured and firefighters were on scene for an extended period of time. An excavator was called in to demolish the building about 7 hours after dispatch.

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2018 anyone

billion bong

Your background is way louder than the audio in the clips of the films. Also the r2-d2 in transformers is a bit of a stretch lol

Christian Calso

I liked the one in Skyrim where jumping off a cliff (forgot the name) into a pool of water caused a ghost of an assassin to come congratulate you.

Pheonixtail Dragonlore

The best that I can gather from this trailer is that they may come across Freya or Frigg and she'll become the newest Disney princess (lolz). ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 🤪

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Im 15 years old , i have this unknown illness, that doctors cannot explain, its been almost 9 years since its all started, im suffering so much , it effected my mental health, i wake up almost everyday spitting half a cup if not even more of pure red blood , exactly like nose bleed , but from my mouth, and doctors just dont know whats going on with me , I’ve traveled to the usa (( boston children’s hospital)) 3 times , they didnt know whats going on too , I guess I’ll just wait until it all ends


all i can say is hidden car 6 took me "NO JOKE" a year to find

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rage monster


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i can relate to this story almost 3 years ago

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I forgot what I was going to type


Very fancy stuff :D

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Congrats on trending!


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Oh I expected that it was a note that says “I’m pregnant :D”

MinuteVideos:My Step Mom Is My Real Mom



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Damn he overpaying for those sneakers

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I'm not a hater but me myself I think it's annoying that they scream all the time in every video

Gamelord YT



Performance from the mob boss is a little shite, looks amazing otherwise.

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i can beat a record by watching dude perfect a day till i die


Kinda stupid

1.i will sneak behind him

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2:18 omg YASSS GIRL

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I I like Cody


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You should do a face reveal in cartoon form.

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Finally a real life hisoka

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I did not see Ponyo, therefore I shall not like and leave 🙅🏻‍♀️

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Cody bent his knees during the trust shot

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1:41 the best one

Another detail that I miss is the lightsabers actually cutting people and not just applying a burn texture on them. The witcher 3 did it, so why not this game too? Disney too afraid to make the game too mature? ugh


Fake .

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23 bounces. Like if it is correct

If you feel like your giving up try to be more determined and try to talk to people you know that make you feel like they care and they will show you that they do even if those people are hours away


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