DIY DECK | Part 4 - YouTube

#diycrew #hrvdiy #renovisionLearn the secrets to installing Your Diy Deck in a FISH BONE pattern with hidden fasteners. This is luxury for bare feet. Wood stays cool and with the hidden fasteners from Camo there are no splinters and the surface will last a long time compared to surface screwing. Definitely worth the investment of your time to get this look. Visit our Amazon Store to find tools and products that Jeff Uses to see more our newest DIY videos? Subscribe to our channel and make sure you hit the notification bell to see every upload. Cheers!. We upload every Tuesday and Saturday night. Instagram Website:Youtube channel was designed for average homeowners to help tackle home renovation tasks around the house. Hosted by Jeff Thorman from Home Renovision DIY, Jeff uses his near two decades of experience to help you out. On this channel, you will a series of How To videos as well as before/after Total Renovation transformations. So what are you waiting for? Check it out!Video Editing Services by:Moskal Multimediawww.MoskalMultimedia.comRoyalty Free Music by:Licensed under the Creative Commons License, Music: O'Connor ( LICENSE PACKAGE

Wyatt Bohlmann


Eleanor P

This isn't what happens 😠😒🙄

Skyler E

i felt so bad when they didn’t listen to ethan’s sneeze story like i listened baby

Erin’s job is clearly care taker. Come on!

Mattlegend 08

ITS FUNNY THAT SHE “Bikini bottom” get it sponge bob😆


Jesus, this breaks my heart.

Don't blink

I love all of your beautiful makeup but since I've had my heart attack 3 years ago and have been hooked up to a oxigenator 24-7 to a canula. If u don't know it goes into the nose and around the ears. Hard to put on makeup on my face and cheeks, all the best places to put it on. At least I have your eye pigments. I look forward to it all the time.



Jazzido Alvarez

I started following you because of your smooth editing, for real man. Keep it up, papa bless.

Awais Atiq

just love it

Justin D

You guys do know the lightsaber cuts not hits

+1👍🏼=Luck for Cory(to not do it again)

In Out

I cant understand this kind of girls what there thinking! Even my husband i will never send my nude photo to him!

Dad: “show FBI the computer”

Yahir Hernandez

the twins are hot af


4:12Pewds Style* I'M ON MAH PERIOOOD!!!!

Isaiah Hunter

i want ty to join team coby


This seems so fake...

Astrid Adrianzén

Omg! Disney, good work.Now, I have too much questions!!Elsa is sooooo wonderful... more than the first time that I saw her.But, don't let Anna back!

Oscar_ The_Man


Papa Giles

Super Mario galaxy 2 is bae

Megan Moya’s Soccer Mom Yeh

Nice k-drama

M.I.S's Fashion

When I die, I would want to die in my sleep so that I won't feel anything.


The rage monster is hilarious!

No other Like my own skin

Thank you

At 10:20 Chicken: I TOLD YOU!

mak castle

Some of these questions are so dumb lol I can see steph like what kind question is that 😂

Austin Cooper-Sandifer

still cool

Destiny Torres

I love the music in this trailer. Makes me think about the Avatar soundtrack in a way. This seems like it's actually gonna be a good movie.


the bottleflip video

elmer borj

Ricky nice shots

more trucks

Mandi Chromey

It wasn't raining

When I first heard that news report in full, I honestly thought that it was referring to the 'Numbers' messages from Black Ops, thinking that he may have received some orders that way given what I've seen and read.


i’m sleeping with pams mom

Daralynn B



On the Red Faction one besides MR. Toots it's a Saints Row 2 reference with the bunny thing. Or at least I think so.

1 4 3 /////

Where did he find that bird plane XD? can anyone help me?