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SUBSCRIBE to my channel! more #YuGiOh Duel Links with this playlist: MERCH: Duel Links is live! Today we're using an Exodia deck, that features the newly added Sangan! I definitely need to try this again, but with Legion over Peten, BUT ANYWAY, THESE DUELS STILL WENT MOSTLY AMAZING! Enjoy!Yu-Gi-Oh owned by Konami. All images, characters and the like are their property and used for educational purposes. This video is owned by ShadyPenguinn, unless images/music specified in above description.Add me on Social Media!Twitter: MERCH: Channel: #shadypenguinn:What's going on ShadyPeople? ShadyPenguinn here! I'm a gamer trying to make you smile while I smile playing games. I stream semi-frequently, so be sure to follow me on twitter or be on the lookout for the streaming video I upload! :]Keep It Shady! #LetsPlayExodia Sangan Dream! | YuGiOh Duel Links PVP




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