[Guide]How to Build a chicken Coop plans - Tutorial - YouTube

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Anyone in 2019


The bloopers are a must for all future videos!

Koda Wolf

How dare you skip the best film of the series The Prisoner of Azkaban!

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I hadn't forgot it, I just completed the story and wasn't willing to redo the campaign to get tot the mission as I tried to release this video as close to release date as possible.

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Packers and Rodgers are the best


This make's me feel good and how lucky i am in my period... Thx girl!!

Sorry for the long note.



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Hey Guru we here are you from? :)

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they should really translate the vids to other languages dont you think?

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how does this show that your step mom is your real

The Seven Elementals

Lele this is so awesome!!! I really want to see a series about this or a movie about it! Btw I love your videos and the music in the video is creepy but I liked it so much! Lele I would love to see u make a series about this please! It's so amazing!!💖💖💖

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Congratulations on 40M

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I legit thought that Tyler threw the turtle


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This is quality shitposting right here, boys and girls.

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They're pulling off an Avengers confusing trailer they probably made fake scenes for this trailer lol

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Gozándose la vida como es

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Ty should of made it

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Portal reference? Awesome.

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I believe the "Indie" part of the name refers to the fact that most indie games are created by independent people, usually a single person or a small group (Dwarf Fortress is a good example).

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Now fortnites gonna add a secret in game Easter egg


Is it like her true story or just a video?

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When I did the first blood work they told me what I was having at 11 weeks .

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And Stephen Curry

verybig dogface

there are some games that allow you to transform mew into mew two, and the failed attemps at this just turn into ditto...