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I had a none life threatening heart condition that made my heart go 240 beats a min

The ApiKnes

FunwithGuru is hands down one of my favorite channels on YouTube.

Sterre Prins

nobody: Elsa: hmm yes I will now try and run over a sea.

Skylar DesRoche

Team cobe

Lil Dank Memes

Keanu: we got a city to burn

Alex Barnett

I'm not saying I'm the panda but no one has ever seen us both in the same room ;)

Wyld Fox

keep that thing away from me

Far From Lovely

Most of the easterneggs are aboutnunchRtednormother naughty dog games.

XxhardkillXx 213

In a game that would be a bad bunt

Not alive & eve

Looks Good I guess

Sagar Gehlot

Howdude perfect started

Kazshecs Nics

its 0 ft beacuse the head of the rocket just jump he says what about that its in the back of it so it has to be 0 ft


That Nerd

I knew it had to be a president/leader

EDIT: Scratch that, I'm positive that - if it's one of the Dudes - it's Coby.

Charles Gorby



Im not scared of death. I don't really have any plans for the future yet. Im just scared of the procces. being stabbed, choked, drowned, eaten, cancer, diseases, suicide, crushed, fall damage, suffocation, too much excitement, starved, over eating, melted, burned, hit too hard, something just going wrong, or even....being aborted? I cant do it. Id much rather die of age and live. Idk what happens after that. Sleeping for eternity, being reborn, going to heaven or hell, or even meeting both and realizing that God and The Devil have just be frolicking as one this whole time. I don't really care about that. Just tolerating pain is my issue. I wish you all good luck. any of us could die. I couldve even died while editing this comment.

Sera Halter

I love how Ethan knows what emma does...AT NIGHT IN HER BED.

Bobbybarks Gaming



Forever, it's all about patient


He didn't actually make that sound on the violin 8:50


i love you

Est Gaming

R.I.P Cody’s grandpa 😢


the skyrim one really got me XD

Kris Bowerman

Who is panda

Nathan Hollis

I have so much respect for all the injured Warriors trying to do whatever it takes to support their teammates and play through injuries. Unlike that sorry ass Leonard who quit on us and his teammates (San Antonio Spurs ) because he had a strained, not torn or ruptured, quadricep muscle. He may win a championship, but his name will always be dirt in this city.

Cloudy One

Guys this isn’t a joke. Most of you take this as a joke when it isn’t. This happens thousands of people it’s not a joke. What would you do if this happened to you. It wouldn’t be all fun in games huh? So don’t take her story as a joke or as if it’s funny it’s a serious problem that happens everyday


Andrew Ebersohl

im nicksv77


I love it

Not even Me

Just like dark souls


i wouldn't be the slightest bit surprised if Dead Rising and Resident Evil are actually in the same universe.

Bill Golden

Tyreke owned. I mean, I can do those things!;):p

Dana Elgody