India Must ‘De-Hyphenate’ From Pakistan Like China Did From Taiwan | The Quint - YouTube

“As China closed in on Superpower status, it de-hyphenated from Taiwan without lessening its hostility. Unfortunately, #India has remained fixated on #Pakistan, even as our economic heft has multiplied manifold,” argues @Raghav_Bahl Video: The QuintMusic: Big Bang FuzzSubscribe to Our New Health Vertical, QuintFit: more videos, subscribe to our channel: out The Quint for more news: Stay Updated, Download The Quint App:Google Play Store: App Store: The Quint here:Facebook: Follow The Quint in Hindi:

Don Cornichon

9:11 ?

EdKaryn Animations

A long time ago I watched this video and I thought I had it. And a few days ago I found I was right. This perfectly sums up what it feels like. But my therapist isn’t helping. I need someone else to talk to about secrets I’m keeping from everyone. Idk if I can find help here though. Will I?


For anyone who Doesn't know, that final messages is a reference to another MGS game. If you played Hideo's old games prior to the that MGS (which name i cannot remember) in a fight against mantis he will say that exact line.

Mark Morris

Just make an best of 2018 now

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Maglori Beats

OyaOya Oya

was watching the first trailer in anticipation for this

Vishal Sharma

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I cried.. this is too much for me because I do conseuling too... I feel bad for her. Can you tell her if she can make a part 2 if she would like..?

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Matthew Fielding

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Pretty letters

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Eris Vile

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This is what fuels feminists.... well done claps slowly

Jainish Shah

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Gregory Allen

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Aurelia Siasat


Sophia Gruntman

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Roopam Shyam

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Nina Dedovic

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Gatt Praise

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Damiano Ramirez

In the portal part with the big '2' the song mixed incredibly with Glados voice.

Abdulla Mash

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Alparslan Seven

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Todd Wheeler



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My parents told me that people don't help and therapists will use that information against you, they told me that mental hospitals will electricute people's brains so that their personality will change. They told me nobody will ever actual help me. I'm glad to know they aren't like that, but I'll never be able to seek help myself.

NE Patriots 25

Let’s Go Pats!

Tierra Lawrence




Robitussin Ethanol

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Angela De lavalle



0:22 Janis Damian and Cady


The flowers are getting annoying...