Island Hop Team Building Game - YouTube

The team must travel from Point A to Point B without touch the ground. Use the supplied boards and the wooden platforms (islands). Download all the lead-it-yourself directions at the International Association for Teamwork Facilitatorswww.IATFconnect.comAccess free and valuable resources.

simone heartsbyyou

Do u reckon u could make another top ten creepiest or scary Easter eggs but thanks I'm enjoying ur vids bro keep up the good work

Kim Poulsen

You can get a pet Namned Dart a creepy little bastard but it's an easter for the ''pet'' the kid keeps in Stranger Things series.

Stephen Thomas

Guru, this is really awesome video idea you should consider coming back to it in the future

Mpmpz 14

your editing is better than porn

Top notch stuff GSW

Shirley Lockey

You should use the jelly realistic human dummy's as targets

When it came back it was black... not red...

Balls Forbrains

Black widow looks like a man

gacha potato

Dont cut urself

Matthew Gasser

You guys should do a 3 pointcontest

Kyle Louis

thumbs up if you thought it was gonna hit the TV board at 0:23




molly leach

it's not my fault you bought a porsche ,fucking dick Thats fucked up...

Doofy the Dragon


Owen Groshel

Cue shitty music

Zero Hero



Rock band or pokemon... or any rareWARE game

Ritika Brijwasi

I like coby

Peyton RAGES


Nashaliz Toro

Please do a Battle with Javy Baez

Chris Townsend

That’s wild congrats on breaking some of thos records.

rene pallanes

u cise are cool

Liam Benson

Why is the in 9.9999999999999999999999998% of them

Taylor Green

Tall man