Making Whisky in Scotland at Springbank Distillery - YouTube

Jeff Bradford heads out to Scotland to learn from Springbank Distillery’s experts- Subscribe to the Beer, Wine and Spirits channel: Learn about the traditional whisky making process – the most handmade in Scotland. Cheers to another entrepreneurial story and adventure. UPDATE: This will be a NEW segment on Valuetainment every Saturday!About Springbank Distillery:The Springbank distillery is a family-owned single malt whisky distillery on the Kintyre Peninsula in western Scotland. Website: Jeff Bradford:Website is: is: the official Valuetainment Store for gear: and Editing by: Yoel Kamara: Kamara instagram: Beer, Wine & Spirits: A Valuetainment Production with Jeff Bradford as the host. Jeff and Patrick were best friends in the U.S Army and are still friends today.

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0:54 I can't barely see what it says

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The Marathon Continues🏁💙

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I really hope her and Jim can get into a nice relationship❤ he seems like a really nice guy

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I was glad for UP's upbeat theme after the Satori's entry but then I remembered what this music led us to...

I can relate to having to live a life forced on you. I personally wanted to become an animator, instead my parents wanted me to follow a path of politics. For one thing money, and because our middle stance in society I felt guilty and now I’m noticing who in the World I want to be.

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It is important for us to have support from other Christians because in our darkest times they can pray for us, maybe help us to read a tiny bit of God’s Word, and also just be with us in our suffering.

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