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Official Music Video for “All In” by Matthew West. Album ALL IN available now!SUBSCRIBE to Matthew’s VEVO channel: this song on Matthew’s new album ALL IN, available now: Matthew:Facebook - Instagram - - Snapchat - matthewjwestSpotify - LYRICS:My feet are frozen on this middle groundThe water’s warm here, but the fire’s gone outI played it safe for so long the passion leftTurns out safe is just another word for regretSo, I step to the edge, and I take a deep breathWe’re all dying to live, but we’re all scared to deathAnd this is the part where my head tells my heartYou should turn back around, but there’s no turning back nowI’m going all inHeadfirst into the deep endI hear You callingAnd this time the fear won’t winI’m going, I’m going all inI believe that one day I will see Your kingdom comeAnd I wanna hear you say, “Welcome home my child, well done”So, I step to the edge, and I take a deep breathI’m not turning back around ‘cause there’s no turning back nowAll to you Jesus, I freely giveAs long as there’s breath in these lungs I will liveWith reckless abandon my heart in Your handsI surrender it all, I’m going all inMusic video by Matthew West performing All In. © 2018 Sparrow Records

Yep. I'm taking advantage of the few words you've spoken to us. I'm quoting you.

Dvorx Jensen

This isnt fallout 4?

Lauren Youngrain

My nails and skin around it is just,, ripped...

Jayden Li Pineda

The next landmark should me the Statue of Liberty

Elias zaharopoulos

If people bully you.Kill them all.


I like the one with the sword

Abhinesh Sharma

all vedios are good

VorteX Yoking

Karma is a bitch

Ashley Chavez

I knew it was checkers

fcuking Sg Invain



this is why I watch dude perfect subscribe to my channel



Bay Boy Den


Antman 08642

Anyone else notice the ball went no where at 3:17


Are you the boy or girl😭😭😞😧

Stewy gb

Greetings from New Zealand. Stumbled on to this channel a couple of months ago and have been bingeing ever since. If I ever get to San Diego I will definitely visit Not Not Tacos. Love your work.. (Max too, but especially Astro and the neighbors gardener!) Cheers

Xxking SavageXx

I am the mr no touchy like if u is to


Noooo... the highlighter boi?!?!?!?


Gta IV is better. I know I get a lot of heat from the kids in the sandbox, but it's the fact... I mean you can't do many stuff in Gta IV, but characters and story beats the shit out of Gta V. Niko is the best Gta character yet... With a dark deep sad story and that's what makes Gta games so good. Gta V is just a sunny shithole and driving felt like shit unrealistic like need for speed. And crashes is pathetic

NajmiHazeeq .

Try Lee chong Wei, world no 1 badminton player

Max Blumenthal

Flip n sexy from Fortnite shot

Natalie Smith

Is this all true, or just made up?

Adam Killian

the sleeper

PiaBeatrice 1217

Yay im early 436 likes!

Fortnite Feathers

1:06 when u beat ur meat


wait what

Kiwi Master505

2018 to 2019

Grover the Muppet

Stephen Curry looks so ripped with that tight shirt on

Dybala P


awesome djman

Pound it nogan is Tyler’s thing

Arce YT

🐼 is the best

Lauren Emmons

Why didn't they just adopt ?

We are gluttons for social media in this day and age , the fact that 22 million people view this, is a perfect example.

conan e.

Cory in the house (If you know you know)

Mani Gandan