Michael Kiwanuka - Cold Little Heart (Full Version) - YouTube

from the album "Love & Hate" (2016)

UnusualBroadcast 2013

I think the sad part is, growing up as a kid I used to climb on hay bales and run around.

Super Gaming

Once in jr jazz I made a swish 20 feet away with my fegers crossed for a aim

ninja ._. vanish

I love these videos but this story was just so fastly paced it was hard to follow :/

SpaceSmarto 16

What is a orphan


My top 5 gta games

Tapering Games

Like if that was sick

Armand hoppe

With his kids

Rudi rasid

The thumbnail the one what i was looking for cuz i found a spray picture in tf2 during medieval mode

Kaleb Curran

Stake and cheese from subway!


idk where you get a giant panda suit that was freakin great.

Jacob Jasso

Don’t worry girls we like u Thicccccc

• Tae Ongle •


Yamil Fajardo


Cullen Neely

This episode brought to you by Beyond Meat

John McNeil



why doseent barrel roll work is it because I don't have chrome ?

Me:When I was little I peed in the garbage can

Timmy Barrera

Moral of the story: I don’t remember much...

walex g

I just realized that if shit hits the fan with your you tube career, you have a musical career to fall back on (:


You should've shown the map of the final resting place of the unstable plasmid - it shows you many levels below Rapture, some kind of basement or something.

00fer Gang dude

Me: this guy might accidentally create anti-matter or the sun

Arthur Agneray

Every 10 seconds : YEAAAAAAAAH


I hope You have a great holiday :)

Dylan's Fitness

What dose fastest man alive joke mean


0% chance for coby


Lala Jane

My mom keeps saying “you’re just lazy and you must to work “


What is your favorite game universe? Please explain your reasoning(I doubt you wouldn't). What did/do you want to do as a career? What is your favorite color? What is your opinion on 42? Dakka or smashin? Favorite WH40k faction or space marine chapter? Did I ask too many questions? Why so serious? Who is phone?

dominic caouette


Mentally ill Person

To be perfect in high school you must be skinny but not fat and not skinny fat or fat sking just fat skinny not fat skinny AND u must not be socially imbalanced AND must be cucasian MUUUUSTTT be pretty without the eye liner without the lipstick without the blush and eye shawdow and with the eye liner with the lipstick with the blush and eye shadow must be tall short but a little tiny bit short taller shortest tallest short must where the trendy spagetti straps and ripped gucci jeans must have over 20 friends rich instagram model BTS fan Must have big thicc booty and must show cleavage have over 5 boyfriends that u broke up with use funny jokes be mean but not to mean GRADES DONT MATTER IN THIS LIFE HAVE AN EVIL LAUGH MUST HAVE HENCH QUEEN BY UR SIDE AND MUST HAVE PRETTY VOICD DATE WON GIRL DO IT WITH THE SCIENCE, ENGLISH GEOGRAPHY AND PE TEACHER and thats how u become a hoe

Nobu Buya

I have questionsDisney:YES

I am con *screams internally *


Me: (starts tearing up) still not gonna cry


one of the best games ever made glad you made a video :D