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Today we gotta match 4 sets of items with each other. Easier said than done.Previous Map ► Sized Maps Playlist ► Links● Newest Merch: Other Merch: Twitter: Instagram: Live stream: Amazon: Song:Matter Of Tact - MusaVideo link: for watching, dudes! Ratings, favorites, and general feedback is always appreciated :)


Blast Blue

Lol Old Office Edition - nice


<3 Dude you honestly deserve more subscribers, your videos are so well edit and your a nice guy in general!


Prétendre pouvoir casser un diamant avec un marteau... Bon...niveau culture générale on a vu plus malin quand même ...

Ryan Lewis

Do more vids


Can't believe how old this game looks like this was top of the range once

Mico Mallari

2:29 WTF????!!!!!

Bubblelene Lene

At the age of 12, I am actually 120pounds.

Greg Sandham

That is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice ♥️♥️

Evan Stroup

What is the songs that plays at the end of the video? Where it shows the sources of where you got footage from

Ivan Pantaleon

Billy of course cause ty he sucks

Paula Trinajstic Ivancic

Its so sad that they didnt have enough money to save their daughters life. I wish medication was free or cheaper.

Ty Schnitker

Do behind the scenes

neetu singh



5:43 is a bit of a reach since thats on all dumptrucks everywhere but i could see it


damn guru you are hilarious af geez gud job :3

ghost nLZ

Story of Julian kopcke

Ben Hayes

The people who disliked are absolute dick heads. Sorry DP

Sweaty Thigh Gaps

Jin Young doesn't sound like a very Chinese name.

1 second ago

...........I think she's trying to find her parents as they drown in the sea!🤷‍♀️Any way i love Disney!


Im a human controller every time i play a game. Even pack-man

Nicholas veale

Na na na na na na hey hey hey goodbye

BTS #forever

ñ importa quantas vezes eu escutar essa musica eu sempre irei chorar😢

Patrick Marsolek


Batak Medan

05:18 head shot

Hayden Stone

Hey your uploads are special and there's no reason to be sorry because it's always a welcome treat to see you've uploaded a new video. Thanks for everything

Bare mig Julie

Me: my head god shot of in a school shooting and now i dead

Jhocelyn Jamanila

Wave board plss

speedy González

Why is the cematery a famous land mark .because they are dieing to get there

Caleb Coston

how do you make the camera in the vr

Depresso Espresso

I remember feeling really weak and guilty when I experienced grief for the first time, but not because I was grieving, I felt that way because I lost my cat. I felt guilty for feeling such strong feelings for a cat when I could've lost my mother or a grandparent instead of a cat. It's been 1 year now, and I'm still not over my cats death

hs fun diy nail art comedy art vlogs


Chris Vazquez


Kelsey Lydic

okay that doctor seemed rude af. like he seemed annoyed she was even asking questions. idfwt. i hate rude people

please sub :(

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