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Another game of Missile Wars on the PlayMindCrack server.Server IP: us.playmindcrack.comServer website: Twitter: Facebook: Website: Shirts: Ideas: at the end is Cipher by Kevin MacLeod

Adam Abdullah


Laurence Vr

Why does this look exactly like me except i'm still like this

Jay H

That was a fun video, thanks for making it.


Charlotte Crowley

OML who would dislike

Anthony Bondi

Is cory now a bears fan


That panda is who?


You should make a Halloween and new year eves stereotypes

James Harden is Goat

5:38 why is harden white

Ewan Johnson

I feel really bad for you guys after the rage monster


That noise Tyler makes 1:18


Why Cap and Thor is so fat ?? I want to know what does those Square Enix were having at the making of these characters .

Jackson Dugan

All of them

Harut Aydinyan

Like: adidas

swapna reddy

2019 any one


Well was it an African Swallow?

Kimberlee Awalt


virginia osilio

Im fromArgentina 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷 i like your videossi quieren les habló en español no hay problema ahre

Michael Russell

I live in wv

Solo World

who still listening in 2019?

Marriiam Nuussrat

Wait thats what being depressed is??????????? Am I depressed???????😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

mariel y'all girl

Just because the day before was the last day of school and her dad wanted to meet somewere in the Amazon forest but seens it was on holidays season no God plains were around so they had to took i think it was lasa idk but that day they had to wait 7 hours cuz of the storm so they left of December 24! And the lighting happend

MLP & Undertale FTW Barbie & Vy Qwaint FTL

Here before 1 Million. And before this blows the hell up.

Kwame Bla

Ik he know e3 was ass this year😂😂😂


I may be fat

Lucas Muniz

Hey G.U.R.U you have XBOX ONE ?

Kermin Guntar

I should be doing my homework...

sO i PeEd oN mY WaLLeT

Captan Awesome

sorta noob

Dallace Heremaia


Lily Marshall

omg im so sorry u have to go through that