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New and noteworthy smart home gadgets and tech from CES 2018 in Las Vegas. Also, thoughts on Apple's HomePod, SmartThings' future plans and what to expect for the rest of the year.As of March 2018, Smarter Home Life's content will continue to be on hiatus until sometime later this year. While the show is on hiatus, the best way to show your support is by telling others about the channel, and using our affiliate links (like Amazon) when you're shopping online.Thank you for your understanding and support.-----------My Recommended Smart Home Products on Amazon -


Honestly I’m team Cory all the way

Chris Reyes

Anyone else coming back to this game after years of not playing it and wondering wtf is going on?

Praveen Ardalkar

Good race

Chic Geek

honestly the A- comments are stupid. it is one miniscule detail compared to this saddening story. and I find it horrible when i get a A-. anyways, sending all my love to the anonymous person 💕💕💕

Kaleb Freeman

can you go to my burithy part please it is at jump street day 32

Rosary Terence

Take a battle with swimming

sexypanda paaoao

trick shot with Connor Mcgregor

Indo Wrangler

Not to burst your bubble or anything but, you need to play all the SR games all over again. The first two SR's are obviously trying to be like GTA, especially SR2. After SR2 then Violation® knew that they were no competition to R*. Thats why SR3 and SR4 have a goofy, immature kick to it.

Bipolar-y isnt the end of the world though

Renee Noll

That guy is definitely panda

ben mcguinness

Got I


You should do a mukbang lobster, I need to know if they're legit

David HBN

Hello from reunion island

Omega dinamit

Te amo wapo ;)

Lana Klickovic

This is the sadest story that make ne happy. Beocouse I don't have glases, I am not in wheelchair and I don't have any problems in my life. So I am liivng a perfect life with family and I am so grateful to my life and I think I am in part of lucky people😊🤗❤💕!!!!

John Juliot

Wouldn’t Ty have to wear his hat forward because he normally wears it backwards

Bob Billy

My favorite sport is base ball

pony rainbow

Comment in your videos please

My parents: No


The beeping sounds like a microwave.

Daniel Clark

Double pump press f to pay respects F unvaultthe pump shotgun :'( :'(

Lexi Kathleen

i’m pretty positive that i am suffering through depression and anxiety but my parents won’t believe me, even my friends tell me that i’m heading towards depression but my family won’t though

Me: Fucking cries

Homie HotDog

Awesome i have been waiting for this

yes yea

i just really think if u talked you would get more subs

Jackson McDonald

Can you guys do 10 useless target items

Fred The grate

Do Teddy Bridgewater

Amy Turner


NeoSpawn 10

Good video guru


Woah, David Tennant is on this show? I know what I'm checking out later

DonutWorry BeHappy

He’s a star with lots of bucks

Yes I know FF8 is basically a love story....but at least there was still character development of Squall and others.

Laurel Schneider

That ending was great 😂

Jennifer Morrison

i play hockey

Intertechnical gaming


Mountian Mike

My 2 year old son said I have an egg head so now all my friends call me Humpty Dumpty. ☹️


yes, yes it is: however, the newest is New vegas. Either one is good. 3 has a better main storyline, but New Vegas has better DLC, weapons, and perks.


jeff toney is tys brother

Lydia Zhu Belda Cebrecos

0:58 This would be a good moment for a sooong😃😃😃Just saying

Top 10 Gamer

Its ok if your bald.

D Chin

So lucky he went down, he was in his bag tonight. Rest up KD 🙏

Pink Star Channel

his voice cracked


Oh wow bijuu mike... sad ;-;

Dan Tdm1

so cool

KJ Armstrong

I hate it when husbands during birth are like “ no, u dont want medication” maybe she said that before giving birth, before she actually knew what it felt like.

Joanne Ting

You could do nothing?! You could work to help pay the bills and earn work experience. Geez