Pokemon Mystery Power Box Opening - YouTube

A Pokemon Mystery Power Box is opened in this video.This is the first time I've ever seen a box like this and it includes 1 Mystery Item, 5 Pokemon Booster Packs, 1 foil Pokemon card, 2 Pokemon coins, and 2 Pokemon TCG Online Code cards.This box was $24.98 from Walmart.The packs included in my box were Ancient Origins, Primal Clash, Phantom Forces, Furious Fists, and Flashfire.Thanks everyone for watching, and make sure to check out all the links below.BLOG LINK:LINK:LINK:

Aadi Boi Fiber

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Junior Robinson

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JaiMai JaM

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Athanasios Tsaliagos

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I hope Manaola has all the success in the world. He absolutely deserves it. And it would do so much for the culture. His designs are amazing and so well thought out. I checked out his website from the bio, and I honestly loved every. single. item. Once I get my job situation lined up, it’s over! I can’t afford it now but the prices are completely justifiable and I’m so happy they don’t cost more. You can just tell the quality is superb. And love was poured into the product. 👏👏👏