Reusing Stair Stringer Triangle Cut Outs Could Create Problems - Money Saving Construction Ideas - YouTube

Click on this link for more videos and helpful information about building stairs, architectural design and home remodeling. Here are some of the problems I ran into when I tried to reuse stair stringer cutouts by reattaching them to a 2 x 6, to create an additional stringer. The thickness or width of the saw blade seems to be the biggest problem as you will see in the video.

Ana CG

that dress at 11:05 made me think of Megara from Hercules wow even the hair fits

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grace bianas

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Mateo Helm

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Mahbub Rafsan

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QNM S1lv3r

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alex arellano

Thanks for the warning I hate jumpscares


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I'm so glad these are back, I can imagine it's a struggle to find easter eggs that has that certain creepiness to them. But I really appreciate that you still made another! Also, the editing and effects are spot on, as always! I feel like your style is very much like LEMMiNO, maybe you guys could do a video together at some point! I'm sure you could think of some interesting thing to do.

Leah Louise

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Rich Entertainment

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Videogameaccounts Joseph

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