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Yeetus Feetus



yay 240:) not first

Potato King

Is the Sly Cooper easter egg also on the Sly Collection for the PS3?

Komorav Koblížku

Such a cool vids. :) Keep up the great work you do

[FGW] Joseph

song plz

Lionel messi

Well they can go to ukraine they speak russian

spiral spirals

your fault you didn't break up with him soooo

Sub 2 Gothier

That must hurt

ala Annora

My exboyfriend told me that I’m ugly.😂😂


Must be tough breathing through all that skin with guys ogling you

i am potato de otaku

I never go outside and if i do, i go to the persons bed and sleep.


Holy crap a game that could have made the easy Dark Souls reference that didn't

Yohan Love

Mayyybeee I will get the game.




I found two weird red tears one played a vietnam song and the other played girls just wanna have fun

Marcus Hall

Yes it is hard becuae my mom died of heart canser it was so reslly sad becuase i was only 2 or 1 and she died in my arms while she slept agenst me

im tim

they should do this but they only get one try for each trickshot


I like waffles, how bout you?


Adults & Elders react to Can you guess the Reactors Baby Photo lol - it would be funny if they reacted to the staff guessing xD

Ava Hogrefe

All I can say is wow


Shubhangi Kurhadkar

Manchester united

a 1960s Coke bottle

I wish I was always this happy to go school.

Infinity HD

Bro why is it's not in creative or playground

Eduardo Ortega

Well look who got decapitated..... Panda


Rose Greenstone


Kaden Rajput

do one with odell beckham jr




Whiter than new snow on a raven's back.

Guðni Kristinn Bergsson

When you kill the alien final boss (forgot his name) he will rip off his head and the spine

Horror Gamer

Hu is de panda

Name Name

Chandler can win

Beasty Games

DP is the best YouTube channel in the world when ever I get home I watch them and when my mom and dad come we watch you guys on the TV keep on doing what you are doing and thank you so much for being awsome

alejandra gutierrez


... .../::::::|:::::\::::::\::::\::\::::/\:\,::/::\::/::::|:|:::::::/\/::::::/::::|

Sean Del Gallo

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Kennedy Grimes

The thing is I get scared when I'm totally alone but if there are people I just isolate myself in my room while my crazy family is outside

Dioh Dioh

I hate when my friend tries to make me go outside 🙄. Like. Man I just

Chris Amour

Y did you bleep out hell that's not a swear word neither is bulling


He shots in the Ass in this nice girl

Robert Rilh

Now we need Asmr in video games :D


Do something with demolition ranch

Nathan Sarkady

anyone remember that dude from friends?

Cooper Perry Vlogs 5

You get it t-Rex’s sence thermal radiation

Giselle Jurado



this is legit me



Francesco Gomez-Montpeyroux

New york giants is my fav

arken Gaming

coby de winner

sanic thefastest

"World not ending"- 2012