Spectacular Wine Cellar in a Mansion - YouTube

Our spectacular Wine Cellar is coming along. See the wood and stone finishings near the end stages.Visit

joey berhmann

Can you plz do advanced warfare Easter eggs

Eclipsezz xd



in one of the taxi company missions of GTA V the player picks up a person called "Kwack" he explains how he made millions in a music video, explaining scenes from the song "gangnam style"

Louise A. Welch

He's a child preditor and needs to be on the s-x preditor list. So he can never work with children and teens ever again!

Ben Gores

I liked the RAGE MONSTER on every video

Brandy E


Midnight Darkfire


Will Papp

go cubs!


i found the the bears and wondered if anyone else noticed the reference


Esto es como si cristiano y messi jugaran en el mismo equipo🔥🔥💯

Gabriella Barbosa

Hi tati! Love you so much! Any chance you can do a thrive causmetics review/full face of thrive causmetics? (:


7:40 Exactly my thoughts.

School Nurse:Here put on a bandage

Gabriela Torres

Last one

Ivy Ruonakoski

What's the big deal with the poppies? So a few get crushed. There's thousands of them.

Jules Winnfield

When your hope goes high just think EA

Mahan DmC

Guru will respond to this i bet my life on it

Hooker Lover

I am from Argentina, and I am a big fan of yours, I always say: when will rise a new video, the truth is that I like what you do and hopefully never miss, you're my idol what you do is great !!!

Anastasia A.

Omg I'm Russian too

The Roaster

Eduardo Amamiya

WHAT IS IT WITH F*CKING CHICKEN EASTER EGGS IN GEARS OF WAR 3!!!! I love you forever and ever Faye and Mia, my little sisters forever! ❤🌈🌸💘😍😘

Phoebe shirasawa

Dying isn't scary. The pain is.

rt stout

Why didn't Coby participate

s r

Ty wins every battle

DemolisherN6 !

Little did FoRtNiTe know that most peeplz didn’t care

Em Savy

I like cody

Juan Torres

He won cuase maybe the hat

sundus hussien

keep grinding; keep winning 🕊✅✨

Kamdin Salek

Who else thinks someone was behind the clothes and closed the hamper 2:34

Jjthe Samurai gamer



0:33 Why does he look like Dr. Disrespect?


Tf is this

Jennifer Robinson

Make more with the whole team plz

Girl: it felt like a slap in the face

Path of Scorpio

I'm 12 and I have panic attacks 24/7

Kajhie Hollman

He is the panda

Sijem Samadi

hebat kali yang setuju like

Pro Racer

Vault the storm grenade and can you do some thing with aim assist on pc plz🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

dixie boy

If you were from dixie nothing of this would happen


I feel like I have symptoms of Boths because my body get tingly and it’s difficult to breath but like G.A.D. I’m worry about a lot


Great video as always, Guru.

Brittany Scott

I always feel like I don't belong anywhere


r u b0i 0r g1r1? jk dont answer


What r u doin' here, it's on Spotify now🔥


They're brilliant for adding those easter eggs

jack quirino

301 views 1000 likes youtube logic

Bobby Pn

we love you guys