Teachers React: 5 Bets you will Always Win - YouTube

The Prefects ask teachers to try out some of Quirkology's "Bets you will always win".Check out Qurikology's YouTube channel: us on:Twitter:


Wow all these old games ...

Gabriel Ferraz Milet

You're awesome,i love you.

Ashton Fox


joel llamas

you should get julian edelman and Tom Brady




the hyung

dumb mistres

The carbon dioxide is dense just like tanner

Carlos R.


LJ Gaming

What a brat

Kylo Ren


Genesis Zarate

I legit praying for her

Lydia the Human

If you saw this video of a parent dying,what will you feel?

ilx *

Poor Grayson lmao

Tyghe Deerfield

That mac and cheese looks amazing and so much easier than making a roux-based sauce.

Ebony Kalithea

It’s actually proven showering once or twice a week is healthier than showering every day. Once a week: Your healthy oils have time to produce, less water wastage, your skin isn’t as dry etc. Whereas once a day: your skin is drier, your natural oils are being stripped away and your hair will most likely be frizzier.

Joshua Brown

00:58 how da hell u get down or up there?

Stratosphere OneSoulzz

Cory always forgot his bag.

“I became an orphan overnight”

Gray Fox

Hooooooly crap, this is looking better and better!


Ulrick-Hubert Delva

Roger Federer should be epic


Okay but I LOVE this and it’s going to be slept on simply because it’s Japanese :(

Thanorilla FlexZ

Everyone calls me ugly but I just keep walking if they call someone ugly truths they are the real ugly ones

Killian Keating

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Lexi Dedrick

You should make a video with Eric hosmer


Oh damn, when did you start adding a voice?

D & T

12:01 that makes everybody uncomfortable

Max Prowse

The water skipper


Houston Astros!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

USA Educatiøn”s Brøther


Meowlissa Schwartz

Anyone else get Rick Astley vibes from his dancing?! 🤔😆

Alex Shahan

Again another Christian song! WOO

xxmistyymusicz official

Help me, someone please. I just don’t think that my dad will believe me. I’m also worried that this will affect my relationship with my family members, I’m so scared please please please help me someone 😞


Courtois I love you

Bre Is bored

I’m eating a sucker lmao


I don't get the Raiden one. Help?

Joseph Schubert

stunt double ?

Karla Veronica

oof it’s a sad day and im watching this rn

Team Pugs

One night, I found myself in a village somewhere in the middle of a desert. There were two people who were attacking the villager who lived there with weapons that looked like guns. I found my self in a store where beer would usually be sold laying on the ground as if I lost my energy from hiding. I noticed in the distance that my family was also there in great distance also hiding in another shop. This time, I ran to them leading the shooters to where my family and I hid. The first shoot got my mom breaking my heart. The next shoot was aiming to my sister leading my body to cover her. I took the shot thinking this is be the end of my life. I felt my body losing temperature letting my body get cold as I lost blood. The next think I knew, I was awake laying on my bed.


Where is that place?

Muhamad Fauzi Fauzi

I'm so happy after look that panda

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