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Yussef Yuzi

i LMAO at the game review


Someone in comment: my grandma died of tumor :,((

Princess Kim

who else related when she said getting subs is hard work

Chris Eklund

Guess before Cory on lord of the rings

Stone Theis

awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome

Eclipse_ Moon

Why are people getting so worked up about this?


do you think that this is real?

n i r a


charles marfo

I was 1 pound when I was a baby sooo...

Sr Jm

You know whats scary than this video

Jonathan Lambert

Is panda Jeff toney😦dude perfect!

Can't wait for vidd

Nicholas Torres

Post Malone x Tyla Yaweh?👀🔥💯

Nathan Kejuo


Hamood GT


Katherine Chacon

I fuckin love Guillermo 😂

Me: I am the only weeb in my life general


My mom volunteers to mental hospital

Fred Jensen


Abhishek Agarwal

@jjjqtrv yeah i agree def a top 10 also... check this game is really damn addictive >>

Not only does that not prove he's a rapist, but you're wrong. She got herself fired for being unprofessional. She spilled wine on a customer and then started a public argument with him. Thus exposing herself as incompetent and unable to compose herself. Talk to anyone working in retail/customer service and they'll say the employees are required to conduct themselves professionally at all times.

Aka ._. Ivy

Plot twist: Thanos snapped his fingers

David Duenas

@Tim3TSG You know, he did say "your the worst actor i've ever seen in my life"

Alex Reynolds

% comments and John has already been slapped 7.2k times


I liked it. Keep at it.

Bunch of pussies bitching about there "member of the family" dying

Daniela montoya nastar


Bruh VineComp

I just checked this channel an hour ago to see if a doom video was uploaded and was dissapointed when I didnt see one, then an hour later Iget a notification for this video. Magic.

Elizabeth Bazor

I feel like dis fake

noorulain 786

You need to have a cafateria


I don't remember battlefront looking that good.


What do you connect with being a girl? Who says, that there should be specific gender role behaviour? I just can't understand. I grew up as a girl with only male friends and only my dad, doing mostly boyish stuff, but sex is only a biological thing to me, nothing that stands over me. I do what I want. I do not care what I might think what others think how I should act and nobody really cares, if I still do male-stuff like drinking with them or have the same hobbies like my male friends as a woman, or just mostly hanging out with them.

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fuck yeah

Eve Griffith


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I stood up to my bully 😃😃

xFun Time Miax

Yasss finally!!! I was waiting for this uwu

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Ignored this video 7 hours ago

Jeff Brigman

Love the lord your God with all your heart soul mind and strength and love your neighbor as yourself Jesus said 👣❤️📖📖📖

Gacha Weirdo Time

He is just drunk

Brian Cacini

I knew about the Arkham city one

we dont talk about it

Hey guru there's another easter egg where if you do a jump attack on someone it'll give you the achievement "its a me" which is a Mario referance

Kamilla Gutierrez

Honestly can’t stand torrid anymore. It’s like their style is disney or old lady ugh. I go to ASOS for plus size. Torrid does have my fave jeans tho

Me: mind: (Nudes? Does he mean Nukes?) *Texts* okay


I don't get it


I'm eating for this long time ago

Mayday KMM

SKIP 0:42

headlights go up

stereotypes ftw

Andy Buchsbaum

This is so cool

Arnetta Mckenna

The ladder bent

The teacher knew I have a panic attack before in her class so she put me aside cause i was trembling. When the subject's over and recess called, i went straight to the girl's bathroom and just typically catching my breath and crying uncontrollably. Until now this night, I'm panicking cause i remembered the spoken poetry i need to re-phrase in my guide.

Vaidotas Draugelis

fake (NOT)