In this story, see Kim's sister, Rachel Rodriguez's side of things as the favorite child in her family. This story is closely connected to the Gold Digger and Adopted Child Story as well as the Hated Child story on our channel, so if you haven't watched those, the links are below so you can see how all of their stories connect.The Hated Child: Digger and the Adopted Child: OUR CHANNEL: OUT NOW! LINK: down below your thoughts and don't forget to hit that thumbs up button and subscribe! Follow me on Instagram for behind the scenes and updates!up with Ashley Park outside of the show by following her Instagram: ashleypark__Origin: StreetSimmer Instagram: animations created by:MS StudioGaming GamesFourby:Tanitas8Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: 4 series, sims 4 story, sims 4 drama, sims 4 high school drama, sims 4 life, sims 4 teen drama

Oodle Richhy

I think there are better solutions than just building a wall.

123ya eğlence ya hayat

and 2:25

Mr_x 1992

02:15 I remember that song XD

Nicole Sidharta

can't waitt


Thanks, Obama.

ƤƳRO-YT나이트 코어

1:35 I thought he shot it off to space

Ean Fernandez

Why I thought coby won

Jonas Hjorth

watching in 2019 and seeing that iphone aha

ريم اسماعيل

يلعن امك ملعبك

Sir Thesd

No, no you are not. :P


where was Garrett

Skull Crusher

how to get the place nuketown 2025?

Hhh Jjjj

Dis is the shittiest trailer ever

De'Avionna Sanders

Welp, I’m still having kids I just don’t wanna give birth I’m not good with pain😂😭

Chris Williams

The entirety of “The Joy of Painting


Wait he knows mma AND martial arts? Crazy.

Fandom Trash

i have bioshock 1 2 and 3, 3 isint bad its isint creepy !

Kanti Devi

Can you please help us to make this plane

my cats are stoooooopid

Wait I heard about this leak,WE CAN COOK CURRY,IDK IF IT IS TRUE, BUT I THINK IT IS!!!!

Revi Matterson

The word "no" made me beaten the shit out by my mom 😂😂😂

Joseph 135

The dish slippers should be called flippers

Dog Super

GOSH Nokk (the house’s name) !!! The concept of the horse ( 0:58 ) is kinda like the one from Rise of the Guardians from Dreamworks!! SO EXCITED 😆 Btw, I have no offence. I LOVE both of the movies, and I’m NOT saying Disney is copying cuz just no way it is copying as every work is different and unique .❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️

Tlot Pwist

Take that you illegal thuna migrants

QwertyThunder [Flamecrystal]

Who'shere before 5million


Uzi Esparza

im glad im subscribed

Cute egg boy

cynthia collins

I was watching 2016

Shadow Wolfe

120 FPS.... okay, and...? (Yes, I'm a PC person)

Cyrus Gray

I got 44