The Others: 7 Deadly Sins Review - with Tom Vasel - YouTube

Tom Vasel takes a look at The Others from Cool Mini Or Not!BGG link here: great tables here!great games at more reviews and videos at


Wardell gotta shoot better. He's shooting like 42% which is low like a Harden or Kobe.

Sebastian Holguin



Other than ty

Mae Vanz

Will definitely play this when i feel so dope dope lowkey high and dope

Da Rookie

3-pointer followed by a Grand Slam. Strong way to end.

Crazee Clo

Hang on 1918?

Christina Conner

I got bullied before for at liest maybe 6 years but i still stood up for myself and still do


Loved the video but make sure to watch for typos next time... You put "Draw" instead of "Drawer" for the minion toy one.

john foreman

I’m here

Ashley Rubillos

Yay phillipines


Woooowwwwww!!!! Smmfh boring af just like boring ass basketball lmao.

Daniela Dileo


Quindell Benally

You should try a rc rock crawling challenge haha


This was really frustrating to watch. I wanted to punch Ann-xiety right in the face

Duba Guma

Guru you should do the Best Easter Eggs for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel :D

Artificial Otaku. jn


conrado padallan

Why did garret won but tayler has five points and garret 4🤨🤨🤨


You're voice is soothing.

Les Molteus

0:03 rocket ligue 😂😂😂

Michelle Watson

I love you guys can I have a shout out on your next 2018video this is not my first time I have been watching you guys for 2 months it is 2018 love you guys

Mace 2.0

In xxxHolic (AKA: One of the "noodle people" anime), in one of the episodes, there's some objects that's from other CLAMP animes.