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This is very boring


but GTA 5 has gyms that you get buffer or get fatter like san adreas?!

She lost hair 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

David Hahn

Madden 19

You guys are like Mythbusters!


call the police then he gets fkng slaped in the face


in bed...

Marloes Tie

Hiiiii im a human lol


gta v won nuff said.

Jacob Stevens

I've been subscribed for about a year and I've enjoyed your videos a lot use your voice more its charm and relaxed

Gowri Raja

I feel that this channel is better than actually happened


I know this is late and people aren't going to see this but I have anxiety with more things like depression. I've lived with it from 4th. Right now, I'm trying to get past it, but it's just that nagging feeling that nobody cares, that I fail them, that I've done something wrong. I just want help.

Zoe Chase

This is why I wear one peace’s

Shawna Talley

I’d suggest Switzerland next. It’s phenomenal and would be different 😊

Nuno GAmer2006

A b! I am proud of myself if I get an c


That was amazing

Brayden Bartels


Nate C

give the vid a like for Ty's pornstache


1 minute of interviews in Trending 🤯

Born Tiger 1105

Team Cory smoke team coby

Kim Chaemin

Somebody IN THE COMMENTS JUST FOUS THEY WERE PREGOSSSS CONGRATS But sadly I’m just 14 so I can’t have a baby


I hope you find something who feels the same as you. Maybe you could help each other out and go together to a psychiatrist? ♥

Emilio Mendez

U should be a quarterback

having funzie

I like adidas than puma

Lilas Rose

Congratulation ☺️🥰♥️😍😍 i think i saw a little girl 🎀🌸🤰

RoughGamer421 Minecraft & More!

Are they the old members

Jessica Foster


Olivia_ Isla

So you felt lonely because you were “healthy”....?? I say “healthy because ur not, ur depressed.

Harald Haanes Strandlie

Man! These guys should totallyhave bought a warehouse filled with different trick shots possibilities

Although walking around as a minecraft Avatar is weird in such a..Non Cubic

Even Medrano

Do basketball trick shots

Dude Amazing

This is so cool! Viewers can you please go check out our trick shots they're pretty cool too, although not yet anything close to Dude Perfect!-Thanks


Sou brasileiro

Andrei Constantinescu

Im the speed demon

Aaron Burke

good for you

Malanie Koil


Gildardo Ramirez

no manches

Meghan Hayes

YAS MARBLES upstaging the dog fashion community with his cuteness!!!! I NEED jenna to make a video where her and marbles wear matching outfits PLEASE

vijayasri sivaji,

it was so cool

shreyash gavane

Plz reply or do it plzzzzzz ur choice.......... Bt u guys r best in the world.

6th grader

who else likes jesus

Mia Murdock