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Learn four powerful trading indicators that you can use to profit in the financial markets, whether you're trading forex, stocks or futures these indicators work across the board.SUBSCRIBE: you want more actionable Forex trading tips and strategies, go to RAYNER: Facebook: YouTube channel: to the Ultimate Trading Indicators course. This is a course that I'll share with you four powerful trading indicators that you can use to profit in the financial markets, whether you're trading forex, stocks, futures, and et cetera. The concepts can be applied the same. 2:00 Trading Indicator #1The first indicator that I want to share with you is Moving Average. So what is a Moving Average indicator? So Moving Average is pretty much an indicator that summarizes past prices. Sometimes when the price action in the market is choppy, it goes up and down, what a Moving Average does is that it smooths out the past prices, okay. 10:00 Trading Indicator #2 Okay, moving on, let's talk about the Average True Range indicator. What is it? So the Average True Range indicator is actually an indicator that measures volatility in the market. So I'm not gonna go into the in-depth calculation because I find that it can be a little bit complex but the core idea behind this indicator and how the values are being, or how the values move up and down is that it looks at the range of the candles or on the bars on your chart. So you can see that over here, these are a range of these candles are pretty small. 17:00 Trading Indicator #3Moving on, let's talk about the Stochastic indicator. So this is a very popular indicator. Most of you have probably heard of it. But I'm pretty sure that most of you, 99% of you watching this do not know how the numbers go up and down. So I'm gonna break this down for you on how your Stochastic values are being derived. 24:27 Trading Indicator #4Okay for now, let's move on and talk about the Donchian Channel indicator. So what is this indicator about? So the Donchian Channel indicator is an indicator that is pretty much a trend following indicator. It has three bands here. As you can see, there is the upper band, and then the lower band. So the default settings, and this is the middle band. The default settings on the Donchian Channel is 20 period. So what you'll see over here is this is pretty much the 20-day high. This over here is the 20-day low. The orange band, the middle one is the average between the upper band and lower band. 30:53 Trading Indicator #5So now, how do you combine trading indicators? Okay, so I've just two very simple rules. Number one, every indicator that you have on your chart must have a purpose. If you look at your charts right now, and there's an indicator, and you've no idea why it's down there, just because someone in the forum used it as well, then hey, something is wrong, right. Every indicator on your chart must have a purpose. 40:14I shared with you what is the indicator about, how it works, how the values move up and down. That's what I did, the first thing. Then, I shared with you when not to use it. Because once you understand what the indicator is about, then you know that there are certain market conditions that it simply doesn't make sense to use it. Like Stochastic measures momentum in the market. If the value is at 80, it's telling you that there is strong momentum. It does not make sense to blindly short at the value of 80 in an uptrend. So once you understand the logic behind an indicator, you will naturally know when not to use it. Then finally, we talked about how you can use the indicators, for what purpose can it be used to meet your trading goals. All right, so this is pretty much the framework that I have used throughout this Ultimate Trading Indicators course.

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