Titanic Colonna Sonora - 08 Unable to Stay, Unwilling to Leave - YouTube

La colonna sonora del film del 1997 Titanic, composta da James Horner.THIS MUSIC IS PROPERTY OF JAMES HORNER

Timothe Sanchez

entry thanks shuttle serving scary love yell exchange.

I cant stress enough how many times I listened to a new song of yours and it pulled my heart strings and put my brain in a boot loop of a certain string of thoughts just from hearing you spit one line. <3


If Wendy's were any good they would be here in the UK too ;)

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Sf Giants

Beauty Queen

Why does the song in the beginning kind of sound like a rip off version of hunger games and then later on, it sounds like a rip off version of Avatar


This story is total bullshit, there’s no way she got dragged through the hallway without anyone seeing her or hearing her scream and cry. Plus the bullies could have possible beat her up in the bathroom for so long without any teacher hearing the commotion

Vladuk Marshuk

Is that cowboy Bibop reference?)

Señor Sandkastle

1:21White Album Gently Weeps?


Didn't know they didn't have beef no more


Aaron Rodgers the most accurate QB ever


I was like

Kerry Haines

do a dogeball video

Xinh Trai Channel

Wow hay quá

LaZ Ms76

Kim jong un the god of big belly

Orange Puff Gaming

PANDA all the way!!!!!

bbbear123 Gaming and Stuff

Russ and Coach are so funny


Why does marvel release everything in may? I can’t be the only one that’s noticed that so many marvel movies have been released in may.

magixal Magix

Love your vids!

hafizatul sufiah yaacob

Tati,do that eye tutorial. It's soo cute

Sylvia The dragon lord

This is a story that is too lightly handled. You gave her depression and said she was just doing it for attention and then you got mad when she told her parents because she was self harming herself! Honestly I kind of feel like this story was just faked an away. You don’t realize something like that.

Iqra Ansari

Make one more video like this


i love cody in that miami dolphins shirt

Cookie Monster

Bro but what about all the people starving. Like they could have atleast gave some of this food away or something.


It would be alot of fun if you could find any easter eggs in...... Half life 2 or something.....

Diego Armando Buitrago

Face reveal!! Plz

Me: *looks at grades* must be nice.

Nolan Swagner

"It seemed right."

Player 1

Very well put together video

Drew Bullet

This edition is wack I’m sorry... lol


I thought her stepmother was her biological mother. The title messed me up


Nice job

Send noods

Payton 11


Send love to this girl 💓💓💓


Silky fucking smoooth ass editing 👌👌👌

Lexy Mar

Me in high school 2010🖤

Nishi Bhadange

I literally laughed for 20 mins straight at Garret's baseball fail.



Stian Thomassen

I wonder if the water horse is Nøkken/The neck(Norwegian water nymph - usually evil)

Straight Outta Cochrane


Reggie Brightside

Brave New World warned us about the Millennials. The worst generation in history!

Carolyn Francis

Sarah sounds like Applejack from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.

Noah Rushton


Chacha Loco

what about the r2d2 in star trek, this r2d2 easter egg is very obvious

Nithro Griffith

what the FUCK

shaziya razack


JJ Rowell.

Great vid it was super funny I would like for yall to do school stereotypes


This video is all fucking Tyler

Ching Man Lee

So cool:) love Anna so much

Tanner Holmes

Right off the bat he didn't have the ball when he touched second, not an out.

Brennan Carter

Love your content you should do more of this subscribe to dude perferct do t forget to ring that bell

bassel magdy

why you're not a youtuber like others jacksepticeye,poodeepoo lol and etc