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In the 1st level of Duke Nukem 64 go to the camera on the theater, press the action button (A) on the wall that has a fire extinguisher on it and the wall will open a secret room where you´ll see Ellen Ripley trapped on one of those alien shell kinda things

Sara Shea


Daniel Medina

Garret baseball was hilarious

Isriel Wolff

no, they are easter eggs, or the things merchants use to get their materiels, in dawnstar and whiterun.

juan pinoy

My favorite is the flip 'n dip

waking up about to puke over it with a blistering migraine

Trey Poerschke

Hey Guys Im not aloud to have a twitter but i was wondering...How close are we!!!!

AKA 16hrs

Anyone just here to do some quests


Where’s Hawkeye?!?!

Creepy Gaming


Big love and respect🤩😍😘

ViZn Trode


Raya Matthews

did any of you guys play college sports


Damn!!!! The freaking rats shooting back!? Now I've seen everything!

LilRandom BunnyChu

This is amazing!


She sounds like Cardi B

Alex Wendy

Props to the artist!

Canal de Qualquer Coisa!

Alguém avisa a Damares? Preciso da análise dela

Jodi Ho


Tramaine Terrance

Hello, Humans.👋

Kitty Gamer15

Choose the right way


Are you going to try to find some Easter eggs on No Man's Sky?

Fadumo Adsalaam

Islam will guide you

Yeah I'm hungry to.

Moaz Elgamal

That's amazing DUDE

it’s a lemon

awe the mom has cancer too! hope both are ok💋