Trashpicked Samsung LCD TV Repair? - YouTube

I found a 32" 1080p Samsung LCD TV in the trash. Does it work? If it's broken, can I fix it?(I decide to fix it in Part 2: be back to regularly scheduled videos next week!Samsung LCD TV Model UN32EH5000F

Andrej Gradina

Its totaly fake you can see how the ball comes so slowly im the basket

akash king

Garret looks funny🤣🤣

Max Ryder

I thought it said lake-cross trick shots

JoosH orsumbuddy

I couldn’t get into this video, I was pretending to watch Heat with Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino.

goes to Wikipedia

Arthur Cuenca

Justin Bieber as Nathan Drake is the day of the apocalypse...oh wait.....

omar Swag

I think u should film with michael phelps




Shit... hate her actually....

Marilou St. John

Team ty for life

Ali Asghar

Do you know who larsanderson is?😂😂

Lauretta Ntiakulu

Maybe it's for the better that you don't remember


I like the b

Chuong Nguyendinh

:) vỏ ko ảo

Miguel Medeiros

those were the shittiest easter eggs ive ever seen

Gaming With RS

6 years later we get a part 2. we did it boys meme

Julian Medina

who's watching this in 2019?

Asher Constant

What is with the wwe ending


Holy fuck this is old


This looks to be turning into a fantasy adventure epic and I'm here for it

Domas Prof. Gamer

Last water bootle flip