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Jonathan X. Lopez

I love your vids I really like looking at the different Easter eggs games have

Alka Singh

Hi 👋🏻 you should take Ronaldo and David bekhanm

Porque no hay diferencia.

Animekwaii Kwaii

Mind blowing concept......😍😍😍😍😍loved it

Spooky Master

Tu should start his own nbl team

Talent Masunda

Zimbabwe knows Joseph Allen's name now


hock chuan Sow

Bounty hunter lookedLike it had a target lock on a cow. Should of fitted rockets with nuclear warhead

NF: Idk just grab whatever from Walmart

The Female thunderbirds nerd

Or ask your mum or dad what it means instead!!!!

Potato Face

Why would Tyler just throw someone’s grandma’s ashes. That’s just dark

Princess Beauty

Why does the girl always wear boob cut tops or dresses or whatever they’re called like wtf but she still look prettier than me so I don’t really mind

Troll Gineer

Me:Read comments about 0:50

He op

Lesbians, by Damares. Dog is much articulado. Dont see!!!!


all games made by kojima were able to be erased

MarTin ShorLux

Guru, I'm subbed to a large array of people, but I must say, you have some of the best content out there! Not just gaming, but in general. Your professionalism and consistently great content proves just that. You even take the time to explore different ideas, all while staying true to who you are as a video producer. I just want to say thank you, and never change (unless it's something you feel is necessary) because you are doing a great job.

AK 49 uzi

My first ever dp video

Trung Nguyen