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Alexis P

Elsa: The past is in the paaaast!A Literal Rock: Uh, actually...


The Adidas buyed by bear

Sam Malcolm

Who is watching in the battlefield of war of 1812

The viral videos

team coke, like Cody and luke


the secret minigame is pittfall for atari 2600 i think

Mike Holland

Idc if y'all say he sounding like Swae Lee Post Malone or Juice Wrld. This is good vibes and good music

Intimate, but never political, pretty visual And btw the story is from United States.....

Niki Hahalis

hey tyler what's brown and sticky? A stick


part 4?


1:03 holt crap the eyes moved...

saud aloteibi

"I hate scaring my self " that is really touching her whole quote was so great and emotional

Taylor Johnson

There is no sound in space


I live in serbia

Colleen Courtoreille

Im a girl but the only boy thing I have is long slenderman legs

Crystal Studios

Sadly, not all mental hospitals are this peaceful. My best friend was in one that starved her for 3 days and she was given a chemical lobotomy which is basically an LSD injection into the brain and they forced her to watch scary images and videos and gave her old fashioned electroshock against her will. When they took it to court she lost the case. She got borderline disorder because of that hospital. Always investigate before you send someone somewhere

Boy Perfect


-Children DO get shy when they are recording their own voices. Normally, they talk themselves and DON'T use text-to-speech to tell their story, because that speech engine may alert viewers that it's fake,


Arrogant people puts other down to feel the self better, don't take a thing seriously.

End me Please

Do wiffleball trick shots



Sousuke Aizen

dude perfect brought me here

Rafael Luis


Uels 369

Anyone else want Joe’s sneaker collection

Chatlies Sister2

That ending had me SISTER SHOOK

Evi_War_Tigerr YT

#panda face reveal


Sidek Husaini

Lele wasn't made to do big production mini series , her looks is always for mediocre internet videos

gacha person

7:55 he be standing like L from death note :/

Katie Santos

I feel you

gael Huchin cruz

Me encanta

Uma` Nair

Great video

Marija Ravinskaite

I hope everyone is watching so you could see how dangerous is smoking


Leonardo Masquetto

Corinthians BR

Prajwal Rai

In 2:52 it was a credit card not a card LOL


2019 anyone?

Din Uddom

0 spoiler

We all have a way


whos watching this in august 2017

I hope her mom survived cancer I’ve pretty much grew up, knowing this disorder.


I did actually know the room in saints row 4


how the hell did you manage to find Olaf O.o amazing

Shirley Fox

Hey fuzzy face!


There's a Homer Simpson Easter egg if you look at the situation report officer in the base of operations situation report guy there is the famous Homer Simpson donuts on the desk in front of her

Boy Boy

กว่ามึงจะอัดแต่ละคลิปได้ มึงทำกี่ร้อยรอบ?


True story: once I said to my mom I wished I had an older brother, and my mom said I would have, but he passed away in her tummy :(. I swear this is true

-Mario logic cause you get it? You have limited lives?

rijal anon



Man and in America Kids cant wait to get OUT of school we take so much for granted this is why I’m home schooled I love it and we need to make it so that Kids want to go to school In America I love the courage she has to stand up and tell her mom she wants to go to school

Chris Uden

Airplane Shot?Jizztastic XS

Charlie. B 906

You guys rock

tahia banu

“This card is small as you”.. 😂😂😂